Dallmann Confections Announces the Launch of a New Vegan Chocolate Collection

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The true vegan chocolate collection features a variety of flavors individuals are sure to love, Dallmannconfections.com reports

More than 6.5 million men and women today in America identify themselves as vegans. With so many people opting to follow this type of diet, food producers must find ways to meet their demands. Dallmann Confections stepped up to the challenge and is proud to announce the launch of the company's New Vegan Chocolates. The New Vegan Chocolate Collection by Dallmann Confections serves as true vegan chocolate, so people can indulge without guilt.

"Chocolate comes from a plant which many people believe means it is vegan. Sadly, many chocolate manufacturers add sugar and milk or milk fat to their products. As a result, the chocolates aren't true vegan. True vegan chocolate comes with a higher chocolate content, and manufacturers use pure, simple ingredients. This leads to a product that is of much higher quality, which is exactly what consumers get when they purchase the new line offered by Dallmann Confections," Isabella Knack, spokesperson for Dallmann Confections, reports.

Vegan chocolate contains no products from animals, which means the cacao content is much higher in these products. Scientists often refer to cacao as a superfood because it contains healthy nutrients such as flavonoids. Flavonoids come with great antioxidant effects, making them ideal for human consumption. Researchers are looking at whether the consumption of cacao can decrease a person's blood pressure or cholesterol.

"Vegans love the new chocolate collection as it helps to improve their heart health and brain function. The cacao also contains vitamins and minerals beneficial to humans. They feel comfortable indulging in the chocolates because they know they won't be consuming any milk derivatives like lactose, casein, or why. They also won't have to read the label to see if it contains milk or check the cholesterol count. Vegan chocolate comes with no cholesterol," Knack continues.

Individuals trying the new collection find they have a range of flavors to choose from. Some men and women prefer peanut butter, dates, and coconut. Other people, however, choose the sea salt caramel chocolates or the ones made with toasted quinoa, almonds, and orange. The vegan chocolate collection offers a total of five vegan flavors, so every consumer can choose their personal favorite.

"Kev's Best named Dallmann Confections one of the top best San Diego chocolate companies, while Red Tricycle honored the company by naming it one of the best chocolatiers in the city. These serve as only two of the awards our company has won, and we are thrilled people love our products. We can't wait for consumers to try the new vegan chocolate collection, as we think it fits nicely in our product lineup and allows us to meet the needs of all consumers," Knack declares.

About Dallmann Confections:

With a long and rich history producing some of the best chocolate in San Diego, Dallmann Confections is one of the country's leading producers and purveyors of decadent, gourmet hand-made chocolates.

They bring the very best ingredients together to make delicious chocolate for all taste buds. From the smooth Ecuador truffle to the sweet rosewater caramel, Dallmann's flavors are inspired by worldwide cuisine giving consumers a diverse range of choices for personal or corporate gourmet chocolate gifts.

And whether a person is dreaming of the best organic vegan chocolate truffles or seeking an amazingly delicious gift for vegan loved ones, Dallmann’s Vegan Chocolates are sure to please!

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