Dallas rhinoplasty conference is successfully concluded. AS Beaut reaches a new milestone

From June 11 to 13, 2019, the original Dallas world conference of the United States, sponsored by chongqing meilun plastic surgery hospital...

From June 11 to 13, 2019, the original Dallas world conference of the United States, sponsored by chongqing meilun plastic surgery hospital and exclusively sponsored by Shanghai sokang medical materials co., LTD, came to a successful conclusion. The assembly has the honor to invite President lee shirong as a heavyweight guest to deliver the opening speech. The keynote speaker, professor Rod j. rich and his team, together with TOP10 expert representatives in China, li dong, li bing, fan fei, zeng gao, tan xiaoyan, golden dragon, li zhanqiang, zhou ke, wu yulong, etc. 500 Chinese and American doctors attended the conference, which was the largest in the field. Chinese and American technologies exchange and collide here, and the professional level reaches a new high in the industry.

500 rhinoplasty specialists from China and the United States

Original Dallas tech show

It was witnessed by 500 Chinese and American doctors

From June 11th to 13th, the "Dallas rhinoplasty conference of the original USA" was held in chongqing, hosted by chongqing meilun cosmetic surgery hospital.Professor and former Dallas rhinoplasty this Rod J.R ohrich physician for the first time for China custom exclusive course of Dallas, in strict accordance with the American academic meeting process, combined with clinical characteristics in China, through the "master classes" theme "discussion" "cases comments on" live "operation", to show original Dallas rhinoplasty techniques.The conference attracted more than 500 physicians from Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen, ningbo, anhui, chengdu and other parts of the country to observe and learn, the scene was full of seats.

Professor Rohrich was appointed dean of the United States

Create a new height of beauty

Wu julong, director of meilun plastic surgery hospital, said: medical technology is the key, is the essence. Only by constantly improving the core technology can we grasp the future of medical beauty. This is also the original intention and purpose of this conference. As a pure American medical beauty institution, meilun has been adhering to international technical standards.On the occasion of this conference, professor Rod j. Rohrich is invited to be the honorary dean of the United States. Meanwhile, the "original American Dallas rhinoplasty base · China station" is jointly established with the comprehensive society of Dallas rhinoplasty.The base will devote itself to the research and promotion of new plastic surgery materials and technologies, promote the exchange and innovation of rhinoplasty in Dallas, China and the United States, and set a new benchmark for rhinoplasty technology in the industry.

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