Dale Parducci Announces Launch of ParducciFitness.com

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Dale Parducci, an online and in-person fitness coach and personal trainer, is announcing the launch of a new website and digital platform, ParducciFitness.com. The digital platform features information about fitness training, nutrition, and, details regarding Parducci’s online and in-person fitness services.

Dale Parducci is announcing the launch of ParducciFitness.com, a digital platform featuring useful information on the prominent fitness coach and personal trainer’s in-person and online services. Parducci, who is based out of New York City, envisions ParducciFitness.com as more than just an effective communication platform: The fitness coach has already begun the process necessary to establish his new site as a truly comprehensive resource on the most critical subjects relating to fitness training and nutrition.

“With all the time and effort that’s gone into making this a reality, I’m especially proud to announce the launch of ParducciFitness.com,” said Parducci, who is known among clients for both his intelligence and his unyielding passion for fitness. “Since I already communicate with clients through a number of different social media platforms, this new site will serve as a complementary communication tool while also making it possible to share information in far greater depth and detail than any social platform could ever offer.”

An active user of social media whose presence is well known to members of fitness community, Parducci has already demonstrated that he intends to be every bit as active on his new website. ParducciFitness.com features a multitude of articles and blog posts covering a wide range of subjects sure to be of interest to those who have been serious about fitness for many years now as well as those considering the possibility of getting started with a training program for the first time.

In addition to the wealth of information now available through Parducci’s new website, the New York-based fitness coach has also included information regarding the customized training and nutrition plans available to interested clients. In order for Parducci to create a customized training program or nutrition plan based on the individual goals of each client, the veteran fitness coach and personal trainer asks that newcomers begin by filling out the online fitness questionnaire now available through ParducciFitness.com.

About Dale Parducci

Dale Parducci is an online and in-person fitness coach and personal trainer based out of New York City. Parducci, a regular at fitness competitions as well as photo shoots for health and fitness publications, is also the founder of ParducciFitness.com.

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