Daily Gains Letter Says Technology Sector Could Drive Stock Market for Next Decade

Daily Gains Letter advises on how the next decade of the stock market could be led by the technology sector.

Daily Gains Letter (www.DailyGainsLetter.com), an e-letter of Lombardi Publishing Corporation, a 28-year-old consumer publisher that has served over one million customers in 141 countries, is weighing in on the benchmark NASDAQ stock market index and announcing that indicators show technology sector stocks could drive markets for next decade.

“Just a few months ago, technology sector stocks, specifically the momentum stocks, were getting bashed around and sold off by the stock market,” says financial analyst George Leong. “Since then, the selling has subsided and the sector has experienced a nice rebound, to the point where the NASDAQ is the top gainer in the stock market. By contrast, blue chips are hurting.”

Leong explains that this suggests that the appetite for risk and higher-beta stocks continues to be prevalent as investors seek the potential for higher gains. During the past five years of the stock market advance, technology has been one of Leong’s top areas for finding a growth investment opportunity. While this still holds true, in the near term, investors may want to be careful when buying or trading social media stocks, as the inherent risk continues to be quite high.

“Instead of focusing specifically on social media stocks, investors might want to diversify their portfolio and consider the Internet sector as a whole, as this will remain a dominant area over the next decade as technology advances,” Leong observes.

“The technology sector will continue to drive the stock market in the decades ahead. The stock market rewards innovation, so it makes sense to be here,” Leong concludes. “Areas that buy-and-hold investors might want to consider looking at include mobility, online retail stocks, Internet services, firms that develop software solutions, and social media.”

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