Dai Thanh Joint Stock Company brings new hope to Vietnamese agriculture

Dai Thanh Joint stock company is an exclusive distributor of PG drones (P-GLOBALCHECK) used in agricultural production in Vietnam & ASEAN countries.

Dai Thanh Joint stock company is an exclusive distributor of PG drones (P-GLOBALCHECK) used in agricultural production in Vietnam & ASEAN countries.
PG drone is an agricultural and technical equipment developed by XAG Science and Technology Corporation - the largest corporation specializing in development of intelligent technology connecting IoT & manufacturing drones used in agricultural production in the world today.
PG drone is now present in more than 40 countries and regions around the world, especially in industrialized countries, for example, Japan, Korea, Australia, UK, USA, Philippines… and Vietnam.

The hardships and challenges of being Vietnamese agriculture

When we talk about Vietnam’s agricultural system, we must look at its distinctive features. The country’s farming system consists of out-of-date practices; low end machineries which reflect the poorness of the farmers; and limited exposure to modern day technologies. In order to compromise for those limitations, rural laborers make up most of the agricultural world in Vietnam. The outputs from the farming industry mainly depend upon farmers’ personal experiences in the fields. Consequently, it is hard for farmers to yield higher outputs.
Majority of the farmers own farmland sizes between 1000m2 to 10,000m2, or 1 hectare. A small number of farmers own farmland of over 1 hectare. Due to small farmlands and rural household sizes, laborers are almost consisting of local farmers. Technologies are never accessible due to high fees and difficult to maneuver on small farmlands.
Nguyen Van Ve, a farmer in Co Do District of the city of Can Tho, says: “Wheat productions have faced many difficulties in recent times. The abnormalities in temperature have led many wild weeds to grow. We also faced many insect infestations […] that require applications of pesticides; otherwise, we will lose our wheats. However, it is very hard to hire workers to apply the pesticides due to a constant increase in wages while wheat prices remain low. Hardships stacking up on top one another.”

Going through places with the most hardships

A few parts of the Cao Nguyên region in Việt Nam (which consists of Gia Lai, Đaklak, etc.) have contaminated soil due to long term usage and overdosage of pesticides. Consequently, some tree species either declined in numbers or lost their abilities to survive in the region.
The family of Lam Van Siu in Buon Choah commune of Krong No district located in Đak Nong Province has this to say: “The process of seasonal spraying of pesticides had created nightmares for us when we found out our plants were infested with insects. These nightmares became worse when our productions had to be returned to us due to too many pesticide residuals that were leftover on our products after the spraying process and before shipments.”
Mr. Siu also adds: “Thanks to agricultural aircrafts that are used aerial application of these pesticides, farmers like us can have more free time to do other things. Furthermore, these aerial applications can help us limit our exposure to these chemicals which can be a health hazard for us. Based on my observation, I noticed how effective aerial application can be when compared to direct hand application. I noticed the pesticides are evenly sprayed onto each plant. This can help kill 90% of the infestation. I hope we can afford to buy an agricultural aircraft for me to control.”

Green pastures, sun-soaked skins and happiness

The biggest challenge we faced in the Vietnamese market is the disbelief people have about the capabilities of our unmanned agricultural aircrafts. This is the reason why we drove around the rural regions and spent many times with potential clients to show them what we can do for them with our aircrafts. Consequently, we have their attentions and they are attracted to what our company can accomplish.
Farmers begin to believe when we demonstrate the effectiveness of our pesticide application process. These beliefs are further amplified when these farmers see the 90% reduction rate in infestations and the accuracy of our sprays within a given mapped region.

Dai Thanh Joint stock company always keeps our promise to become a supportive companion for farmers. Our state-of-the-art products not only satisfy agricultural profits, but also protect the workers’ health and the natural environment. For the purpose of promoting Vietnamese agriculture, in every PG drone product is all the enthusiasm, the determination and the passion of the engineering team.

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