D. Scott Carruthers of Carruthers Photo Announces Launch of New Photography Blog

D. Scott Carruthers is announcing the launch of a new digital resource intended for photographers of all ability levels. Carruthers’ newly launched blog is now live and can be accessed by interested parties free of charge via www.CarruthersPhoto.com.

D. Scott Carruthers, the owner and operator of Carruthers Photo, is announcing the launch of a new photography blog primarily intended for aspiring photographers interested in learning more about the craft. The newly launched blog has already been incorporated into the digital home of Carruthers Photo, and the longtime professional photographer intends to update the digital platform on a weekly basis with new, in-depth posts on a wide range of subjects relevant to the visual arts.

“With the addition of this new blog platform, it is my hope that CarruthersPhoto.com becomes a valuable resource for photographers of all ability levels, whether they are industry veterans or are just getting started in the field,” said Carruthers, the founder of Carruthers Photo, a photography business based out of Anaheim, California. “While the majority of the initial posts will be tailored to an audience comprised of beginning photographers, I plan on providing information and insights that even the most experienced of my peers can benefit from.”

Carruthers explained some of the more ambitious long-term plans associated with the new blog, indicating that the ultimate goal is to create a digital education program that can be accessed at any time or place. Although he acknowledged that there is no adequate substitute for the kind of hands-on instruction available through traditional academic programs, Carruthers believes that the collection of articles and advice posted to his digital platform will be valuable as either a stand-alone resource or as a practical complement for a more traditional academic program.

The newly launched photography blog is live and thus can be accessed by any interested parties on an immediate basis. Carruthers has already shared his first post, which is the first in a series of posts covering the concept of emotional depth and how it can be captured through photography. Readers should expect the blog to feature regular updates and are encouraged to submit any recommendations they might have for future subject matter.

About D. Scott Carruthers

Dennis Scott Carruthers, more commonly known as D. Scott Carruthers, is the owner and operator of Carruthers Photography, an Anaheim-based photography studio. The longtime professional photographer often shares his work via his Twitter account, @DScottTravels.

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