Cycrest Systems, Inc. Encourages Caution in Wake of New Virus

A variant of a known worm virus is bypassing anti-virus and malware programs and infecting many Windows-based systems.

Spokane, Washington – Cycrest Systems, Inc., an information technology solutions provider based in Spokane, is encouraging all Windows-based computer users to be cautious when utilizing social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, as they are thought to be a source of a dangerous worm virus currently infecting many systems.

The virus, while still unnamed, is a variant of the WORM_VOBFUS virus, and it is known to bypass even current anti-virus and malware programs. Once it has infiltrated a computer, it infects all of the files and processes on that system using Windows’ Autorun feature. Through this, it has also been known to copy itself onto mapped network drives and removable drives, if available.

If an infected computer is located on a shared network, as many of those at the workplace are, the virus’ use of Autorun means it can also infect other Windows-based systems on the network. To prevent this, Cycrest has recommended that Windows users completely refrain from accessing any social media websites while in the office, as a multi-system virus could severely interrupt workflow and reduce overall productivity in the workplace.

Currently, anti-virus providers such as Trend Micro, Symantec and McAfee are working to create a way to combat this dangerous variant virus. In order to take advantage of this fix when it arrives, one has to make sure to update their software hourly for the next few days. In the meantime, Cycrest President Jonathan Ferraiuolo offers a few tips for safeguarding Windows-based computers:

• Ensure all systems have the most current anti-virus and anti-malware programs available.
• Disconnect systems from shared networks or mapped drives if possible.
• Block social media sites on all network systems and browsers.
• Issue a company-wide warning to all employees regarding the safety and security of social media sites and email attachments. Encourage them to refrain from using social sites and to only open attachments from email addresses they recognize.

In addition to safeguarding all systems using these four strategies, Ferraiuolo also recommends companies should team up with an IT solutions provider that takes a preventative approach to security to ensure maximum protection from viruses and malware.

“You can never be too safe, especially when it comes to your company’s technological resources,” Ferraiuolo said. “Businesses need to make security a top priority. If they are using an IT company to manage their IT, make sure they are monitoring your system 24/7 and find and solve problems before they cost you time and money.”

Users who suspect their computer or network has been infected with the virus are encouraged to contact Cycrest at (509) 747-9275 or email for more information.

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