CyberTime Finance NFT ecosystem and solutions for blockchain market

We are launching the first NFT Fantasy League for crypto artists and NFT enthusiasts.

1. We are creating the first NFT Fantasy League for crypto artists & NFT lovers
2. DAO Voting for project development and distribution of funds from the Community Development Fund with governance token CTF
3. No presale or IEO. Get NFTL tokens by farming and and use NFTL to mine CTF
4. Exclusive Time collection of 86,400 NFTs and NFT exchange platform

CyberTime Token functions, features, and use cases

NFTL Token (NFT League)
- Voting for your favorite works
- Purchase an entrance ticket to participate in the Fantasy League and form your NFT Fantasy Team
- Cashback for the purchase of the final work at the auction

CTF (CyberTime Finance) token
- Participation in voting for the development of the project
- Participation in voting on new product launches
- Expect buyback from the market from the profit of projects

Cyber Farming

We will distribute 10% of NFTL tokens among 18 pools. You just need to add your tokens to the pool and get your share of the NFTL. Add NFTL to Uniswap's liquidity pool and receive CyberTime Finance Governance Tokens (CTF).

Cyber Farming Advantages:
No pre-sales or overrated project estimates. The community itself forms a fair price for tokens. Starting prices at Uniswap: NFTL - 0.01 $ CTF - 1 $
Don't pay - FARM! Stake your tokens in the 18 pools and earn NFTL tokens
100% of NFTL tokens will be distributed to the community. 20% - Cyber Farming, 40% - Crypto Art Contests, 40% - Fantasy League
Add earned NFTL ​​into the liquidity pool and receive governance token CTF

NFT Fantasy League for crypto artists

We are creating the first NFT Fantasy League for crypto artists.

NFT Season #1 starts in 2021. There will be 8-12 stages and a grand final at the end of the year. Crypto Artists submit their works before each stage and the communities within 2 weeks vote for their favorite works with the native NFTL token. At the end of the voting, a 24 hour auction is held to sell the work you like.

To support the community, we have reserved 80% of NFTL tokens as rewards that will be distributed over the next few seasons.

After the launch of NFTL, we plan to use the developments to create Fantasy League on the blockchain in any area.

Crypto artists will have the following opportunities:
- Earn by voting ($ 1 per vote)
- Make money selling their work at the final auction.
- Declare themselves to the world.
- Fantasy League brings artists and crypto enthusiasts together.

Time collection

We are creating an exclusive NFT collection of 86,400 NFTs (seconds in 24 hours) - a community driven productivity project.

We plan to work with authors, winners of the NFT League stages to create unique NFTs. Each author is given 1 minute = 60 seconds = 60 NFTs where they create a unique piece.

The peculiarity of the project is that a native token will be launched. $SEC, which will allow the NFT holder to exchange in both directions at any time and will significantly increase the liquidity.

DAO Fund

The CyberTime team plans to launch a voting system at the platform. Each CTF token holder will have the opportunity to directly influence the development of the platform and take part in the development of the entire ecosystem of products.

Within the league, all stages will be divided into 2 directions of payments: ETH & NFTL. During the ETH stage, voting, Fantasy Team formation, auction sale will be for ETH. Accordingly, during the NFTL stage, all calculations will be in this token.

No funds, investors, not even a team get profit from the project. All finance goes to the Community Development Fund, where it is already distributed by the community on the voting.

After the launch of the voting system, we will define a compensation plan for the team to develop the project.

DAO Accelerator

On the basis of the Community Development Fund, we plan to launch the DAO Accelerator to develop an entire ecosystem of CyberTime-based products and support promising teams and crypto artists. The main condition is that part of the profit will go to the redemption of NFTL & CTF tokens, which will be returned back to the DAO Fund.

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