Cyber Expert Helps Consumers and Small Businesses Protect Their Identity and Data with New eBook

Morgan Wright shares the keys to keeping your identity safe online and offline

Identity theft is the number one consumer complaint. Forbes recently wrote of the rising number of cyber attacks that cost businesses and consumers nearly $400 billion a year. Expert in cybersecurity and identity theft, Morgan Wright has created a free eBook focusing on identity security this holiday season.

“Identity security is about online and offline behaviors,” says Wright. “Hackers, criminals and thieves target their victims in a variety of ways, and in the eBook, many of them are addressed.”

To download the free eBook, click here.

With the release of the 2015 [Interactive] Holiday Guide to Identity Security, Wright’s eBook provides a more balanced and realistic approach to staying safe online, offline and in the real world. Having instructed at the NSA and FBI, Wright has nearly 18 years of law enforcement experience under his belt.

Wright has made over 400 appearances on national television as an expert in cybersecurity, cyberterrorism and identify theft, in addition to numerous radio interviews and web articles. He has also trained hundreds of federal, state and local police in the investigation of computer crime, and had the honor of testifying twice before Congress on cybersecurity, privacy and identity theft.

Wright’s eBook teaches the simple and easy steps to protect an individual's identity and data —whether it’s through phone scammers (hear real phone calls), when to say no when someone asks for a Social Security Number or how one simple and easy step can make someone immediately safer online.

For example, one of the most effective ways to hack into a computer is spear-phishing – a technique that sends you, the target, a very enticing email with a PDF attached. That’s the bait. When someone clicks on the bait, malware (malicious software) is covertly installed on their computer. This malware can take over an individual's bank account, monitor every keystroke, steal their data, hold it for ransom and more. Wright provides tips on how to recognize spear-phishing with a video example.

“My goal is to make everyone an Identity Security Warrior this holiday season,” says Wright. “Through my eBook, they can do just that.”

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