Custom Signs Launches Campaign to Reduce Summertime Workplace Injuries

Statistics show workplace injuries increase during the summer months which is why has launched a campaign to increase signage to reduce instances of accidents and injuries at work

Research performed by The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that on-the-job injuries are statistically higher from June through October. A BLS report found that nearly 3,300 workers are injured every day in the month of June. The reasons for the increase include more exposure to the workplace compared to the holiday season, when employees generally take more time off, as well as an increase in juvenile laborers during summer months. Of the 3,430 young worker injuries last year, 43 percent occurred from June to September. Most young worker injuries happened in the accommodation, food and beverage and retail industries, according to a 2015 article on

Year round, some of the most common workplace injuries include slips and falls, overexertion, falling objects and vehicle accidents, which each align with some of OSHA’s most common safety citations including deficiency in fall protection, lack of proper hazard communication, misuse of industrial trucks and faulty structural design for workplaces. Of course, many heat related injuries and dehydration occur during the summer months, which can be easily prevented.

During the summer and year round, the first step toward a safer work environment begins with proper training. Although business in hospitality and food service increases during the summer travel season, prompting companies to hire more staff, especially teen workers, safety training should remain priority. Incentive programs and employee rewards can motivate staff to continue the implementation of safety practices at work.

Also, being that many common injuries result from overexertion, employers should closely monitor the amount of overtime workers in strenuous industries can obtain. Hiring shift workers and temporary employees can help decrease strain placed on staff, and cut down on injury.

OSHA also cites workplaces for lack of proper hazard communication. If your staff handles dangerous chemicals, know that OSHA, as of 2015, requires pictograms on labels to alert users of hazards they may be exposed to. It is also vital to make staff aware of potential danger throughout the workplace with safety signage. Notice, warning, hazard and caution signs are designed to keep workers informed of potential injuries. Some workplaces are reported to have no signage, damaged or dated signs, or signs that are obstructed from view.

"With safety signs, employers can encourage and remind staff to take proper precautions. From remaining hydrated and taking ample break time, to understanding the signs of heat exhaustion, staff should be informed of how to stay safe in the heat this summer, and now is the time for businesses to prepare. Our goal is to get safety on employee's minds to help reduce the number of workplace accidents during the summer months”, said CEO, Bryan Croft.


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