Custom Poker Chips Company Reinvents Business Cards

Poker Chip Universe offers an alternative to business cards for many small businesses and sales executives to promote their companies uniquely and creatively. Customized poker chips are effective marketing tools.

Poker Chip Universe has created a line of custom poker chips which are effective as an alternative to cardboard business cards. The unique power chips are suitable for many types of marketing and promotional purposes, as well as for trade show giveaways, golf ball markers, wooden nickels, Challenge Coins, free drink chips, and military poker chips. When a promotional offer is printed on the chips, they are a powerful marketing tool. Executives are limited only by their imagination in the many uses which can be made for the chips.

Since 2006, when the company began as Logo Golf Chips Inc, the tokens have been utilized for gold chips and many other purposes where a lightweight and durable reminder of a brand is required. The logo golf poker chips were originally handed out by golfers to friends and acquaintances as the original poker chip business card. They were found to be excellent conversation starters. Because of their durability and unique concept, the chips were kept rather than being worn out or discarded.

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The owner and president of the company, Mike Blake, has been bringing the unique concept of chips utilized as a business card or tradeshow token since the beginning of his golf chip concept. The golf poker chips, tradeshow chips, and business card chips are all the same style chips. They are constructed of lightweight materials, weighing only 11.5 grams. Each of these tokens is made with quality in mind, and companies can be proud to distribute the chips.

Business owners who want ideas on how best to utilize poker chips within their industry should browse the company website for ideas. The chips can include logos, images, and other marketing devices. Poker Chip Universe has provided its quality products to thousands of golf courses, bars, and other clients since 2006.

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