Culture-Specific Micro-Optimization Technique Offered to Amazon Sellers

Margin Business Inc. is offering a culture-specific micro-optimization technique to Amazon sellers. The company's native speakers and business professionals work to optimize product listings to reach a larger customer base effectively.

Proudly delivering profitable Amazon listings on EU marketplaces through country-specific optimization and language translation, Margin Business Inc. offers clients unparalleled business advice and effective service plans. The company recently discussed its culture-specific micro-optimization technique.

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Online selling is a tremendous market worldwide and extremely competitive. Failing to address language barriers can result in a colossal loss of sales opportunities and limit potential business growth, the company says. Product listings translated with automated services are often literal translations that lack the efficiency, reliability and accuracy of human translation. Although automated translation can be faster, it comes with a more significant margin of error, which can greatly affect the credibility of product listings and communications.

“Customers want and appreciate being spoken to in their native language. That’s why we only use native copywriters and translators to ensure the best quality of copy in our Amazon EU listings, which will build a strong rapport and trust among your customers,” says a senior spokesperson for the company. “Our special culture-specific micro-optimization technique will help you sell more on Amazon EU and US, with unique and outstanding listings that aren’t just localized translations. We position your brand and articles and de-position your competitors!”

Margin Business Inc. has built a fantastic multi-lingual team of native speakers and business professionals with extensive knowledge of Amazon, online marketplaces, marketing strategies and search engine optimization. The company states its Optimized Product Listings and Business Translations plan has resulted in clients seeing sales increases of up to 50%.

A global e-commerce consulting firm that focuses on helping brands grow internationally on Amazon, the company provides translations (English to French, German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch) only by native speakers and Amazon professionals for the following:

Amazon EU Product Listings – Amazon listings and marketing communications in a customer’s native language are vital to garnering their interest and converting it to sales. Amazon Listing Optimization is among the most critical factors to sell on Amazon worldwide.

Product Research – Search and provide products that you can get for cheap and yet sell for competitive prices with a good profit margin in return.

Automated E-mails – Following up with customers after every sale can help grow businesses. Ideally, a brand should send follow-up emails to confirm the customer was fully satisfied with the transaction, ask how the customer found the experience and encourage the customer to leave positive feedback and a positive review.

Business Letters – These can be useful to produce a permanent written record, which may be taken more seriously by the recipient than other forms of communication and include correspondence from one company to another or from a company to its customers, clients or other external parties.

Feedback and Review Replies – Includes translations in response to customers’ reviews, questions and feedback.

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The culture-specific micro-optimization technique is not specific to Amazon alone; the consulting agency covers a range of markets, including eBay, Shopify and Etsy. “The online sales industry is very competitive. Professional and optimized product listings are key to successfully selling online,” explains the company.

Omar and Emilie Angri helped their first client grow from a small Amazon seller to a multi-million-dollar business. They also learned all the ins and outs of Amazon and the sophisticated algorithms within different marketplaces. Over the years, they have worked with high-level Amazon sellers and continue to improve their product sales and results through their language expertise.

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About Us: Our special culture-specific micro-optimization technique will help you to sell more on Amazon EU & US, with unique and outstanding listings that aren’t just localized translations. We position your brand & articles, and de-position your competitors!

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