Cufftore Launches First Kickstarter For Their Interchangeable Suit Buttons

Cufftore has spent nine months in research and development of a new suit button design, and is preparing to launch their new product through fundraising website Kickstarter.

Suits have been the primary driver in men’s fashion for hundreds of years now, and yet throughout that time they have continued to evolve and change in style and approach. As technology advances, it has been slow to integrate with everyday items, and the first wearable tech has been focused more on accessories than essentials. Cufftore - creator of the first-ever interchangeable suit buttons is looking to change this, by using design innovation to transform the accents of a suit to be more variable, reliable and fun to use than ever before.

Cufftore suit buttons are the world's first interchangeable suit buttons. Instead of buttons breaking, falling off, or being super boring, one can get a set of Cufftore buttons and easily start switching between different color buttons to add a fresh look to a suit, or even coordinate with a shirt or tie, or other accessories.

The buttons are patent-pending and are going to be launching on Kickstarter on March 13, 2016. They work by combining the pin and clutch mechanism to mount ultra-strong magnets where traditional buttons would go, then magnetic buttons can be added or changed at will. The Kickstarter will enable individuals to buy the product ahead of manufacture for a discounted rate, along with a range of other exciting incentives.

A spokesperson for Cufftore explained, “Cufftore really believes that Kickstarter is the right place to launch these interchangeable suit buttons. It will enable us to expose the product to a wide range of people who believe in staying on the cutting edge of innovation. It will also enable us to guarantee financing for the first run of our product, help early adopters get the product quicker, and create a supportive community around the item that will see it go from strength to strength as people start to see it out in the real world.”

About Cufftore
Helping every aspiring dapper out there in the world, Cufftore has been working for the last 9 months on creating interchangeable suit buttons for suit wearers. They've worked as hard as possible to get everything perfect in their soon-to-be Kickstarter and are confident that it will revolutionize the fashion industry. Cufftore is based in Montreal, and the buttons are manufactured in Spain.

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