CSS Exchange Launches Improved Online Gallery To Exhibit The Art Of CSS On The Web

CSS exchange has just undergone its own extensive redesign to make the user experience more intuitive while still displaying the best use of the cascading style sheet.

The cascading style sheet, or CSS, is a particular means of web building often found in WordPress and other online design utilities which allow individuals to customize features of a website to create new looks and emphasize different areas of their build depending on what the site is designed for. CSS Exchange is a community hub for enthusiasts in customizing this design language, and has been redesigned to provide a clearer view of some of the most innovative coding currently on the web.

The site is regularly updated by new users signing up to share their own discoveries, and by doing so contributing to the cultural milieu of customizing CSS. Regular visitors will quickly pick up novel and innovative strategies that they can then take away to implement on their own websites should they wish.

The site allows new users to fill out an example profile to get started before starting their own portfolio. It offers a wide variety of different galleries, from minimalist clean designs to feature filled CSS cornucopias, but always prioritizes usability above all.

A spokesperson for CSS Exchange explained, “We’ve been around for several years but the popularity of CSS has grown dramatically over that time and with it, so has the popularity of our site. In response to this overwhelming traffic we have redesigned our site to make easier access to the information our priority, so new users can find tips and tricks, and established users can showcase their latest works with ease. Each website comes with its own detailed description and analysis explaining how key features have been made possible. We also have a “best of” gallery with the best single example of a particular kind of site, from e-commerce to blogs to education.”

About CSS Exchange
CSS Exchange is a website gallery celebrating the many aspects of website design, but most specifically the sophisticated method of using design elements placed with a cascading style sheet, or CSS sheet. Although they have been in operation for several years, they now have a completely new redesign that makes it easier to navigate. Those interested in web design, coding, or those wishing to submit their own site will find it a useful community.

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