CryptoTown is a fair blockchain game, redefining wealth

Physical distance is no longer a barrier as the peer to peer game unites the world and allow the flow of wealth.

According to real-time data from Johns Hopkins University, as of June 20th, 08:36 EST, there were 8,964,740 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in the world, and cumulative deaths 467,650 cases.Insurance Company Actuary David of the Allstate in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Alumni Association raised a global new pneumonia outbreak alarm, the number of infections may exceed 100 million. That means that every 100 people are infected. The global pandemic of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic has had a profound impact on the entire society. The world economy, world politics, and world military have produced major adjustments and even affected the existing global pattern.

And our pursuit of freedom and democracy is being challenged. The so-called democracy, respect for everyone's choice and choice is given to the people. Is it to infect more people around the world and lose our friends, or loved ones to take it and then avoid intimate contact at home to keep more people away temporarily. The game of funds may allow everyone in the world to participate, and everyone can better avoid disease. Let everyone participate democratically, and the game will play better when the global epidemic breaks out.

Insurance actuary David is a top mathematician at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Alumni Association, who was building Allstate's TrueSkill scoring system. At the same time, David's technical team at Mary Beaulieu, a European pharmaceutical company, and Japanese financial scholar Nichika Yoshino, built a decentralized algorithm to improve the interactive platform during the outbreak. The platform guarantees the ordering of native instructions through a 24-hour similar fine synthesis mechanism, and completes the instruction dispatch function within one day. The game through the command generation function allows more people in the world to participate in the peer-to-peer game to avoid close contact with the crowd. The game is called CryptoTown, which means that players around the world become a crypto community village. The game runs on all the decentralized chains of Ethereum, including the most popular myetherwallet, trustwallet, and Ethereum(ETH) official wallet Ethereum Wallet. All can be used smoothly, and because of the simple operation, the big prize at the end of the game. Can greatly stimulate players to participate, and has some stickiness. Let everyone no longer be controlled by physical distance, more humanistic care. The game aims to solve the conflict between the democratic and economic problems of the global population during the epidemic, so that funds can flow to everyone better. CryptoTown redefining wealth as follow:

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