CRYPTONYM (CTN), an anonymous Public Chain was born.

In 2019, the world heads into the "Blockchain Economy Era". Through blockchain technology, decentralization has made the trading behavior of the financial system free...

In 2019, the world heads into the "Blockchain Economy Era". Through blockchain technology, decentralization has made the trading behavior of the financial system free, open and transparent, and has made Bitcoin the hot topic of blockchains in recent years. The decentralized blockchain era is a phenomenon of freedom.
However, the idea behind the openness and transparency, privacy control is users’ right.

Cryptonym (CTN), an anonymous public chain was born. CTN is a truly private, decentralized digital wallet. CTN is a driving force to the evolution of blockchain, initiating more diversified area of application. It is worthwhile to focus more of its prospect and new ventures in the blockchain industry.

The vision of Cryptonym is to realize the anonymity of payment, communication, transaction, asset and other omni-directional value system, making a break through in all kinds of key technologies, constructing the global Internet value, providing the foundation network for all kinds of value transmission applications. Its ecological platform closely connects Blockchain, Asset Privacy Anonymity and Communication Freedom” as a new approach to form an unprecedented digital world application ecology.

In order to satisfy the anonymity of smart contracts, and to make transactions completely anonymous and untraceable, CTN designed a dual-layer network, using “K-SNARKS” zero-knowledge proof mechanism to encrypt the raw transactional data, reinstating the 100% anonymity so as to ensure that no personal privacy date will be leaked. This mechanism will automatically hide details of the sender, recipient and amount of all transactions in the blockchain system. Through this, CTN will be using the three following methods: Stealth Address to protect the payee, Ring Signature to protect the payer, and finally, Ring CT (Ring Confidential Transaction) to protect the transaction content.

In terms of security, when the CTN network finds multiple blocks of similar value, it will combine the blocks, thus preventing attack issues. CTN uses POS+POW+PLM blockchain technology for encrypted circular system. The dual-chain structure also solves the transactional double spending problem and the majority of hash attacks.
In terms of the sharing ecology transactions, with precise and intelligent matching, improved transaction rates, and reduced costs, CTN can easily connect and optimize asset operations and data to increase flexibility and unlock the commercial value of all blockchain node transactions. And in CTN, the bulletproof protocol is implemented on the transaction confirmation, which greatly reduced the transaction volume and shortened the block generation rate to 12 seconds. CTN, will be the fastest developed Anonymous Chain in the world.

CTN Token is a value carrier in a blockchain network. CTN has gradually formed a tokenised industry ecological chain, and we believe that the value of CTN Token will be further increased when the development of the mainnet smart contract is completed.
The objective of Cryptonym is to create a completely anonymous and untraceable encrypted public chain and token payment system, to build a universal, supportive, high performance system that is rich in application scenarios, easy to use. And at the same time, constructing an infrastructure that lead to Blockchain 4.0 ecosystem which supports all types of Anonymous Public Chain Applications.

Based on the team's deep and accumulated understanding of the financial industry, as well as adherence to decentralized beliefs and liberalism, Cryptonym (CTN) will lead an asset-safe, truly liberated Anonymous Blockchain era.

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