Crowdfunding Campaign Launched For Onetime Messenger, A Simple Secure Messaging App

OneTime.World Plc is a fresh young startup with the technical and business skills necessary to make OneTime Messenger a technical success.

A user centred messaging app that proposes to put power back into the hand of their most important stakeholders: the users, Onetime messenger is first social media app that would be owned by those who use it, it claims to offer a "simpler secure messaging" experience which protects the privacy of users. The messenger has been launched for iOS and android users; however, the Onetime messenger project is currently in need of funding to cover the expenses of marketing the app. For this purpose, a crowdfunding campaign has been launched on Kickstarter with a funding goal of at least €100,000 to be raised within a limited time period.

Onetime messenger, "simpler secure messaging" is the newest project to come out of Onetime.World PLC, a smart startup with a team of technical and business minds. The new messaging app caters to a niche that deserves voice and video calls, unlimited group chat and FREE communication FOREVER. Anyone who has a large group of friends and those who want to stay connected to multiple people in a professional capacity will find group chats with an unlimited number of people group chats feature of Onetime Messenger to be far superior to the group chat feature offered by most other Over The Top (OTT) apps currently available. According to the developers of the app, the app will be hosted on OneTime.World Plc’s own servers around the world to ensure secure encrypted communication for users, which will also make the communications on the app NSA proof.

The OneTime.World Plc spokesperson said: “OneTime Messenger allows you local, international, individual, and group messaging. It offers FREE communication FOREVER with services such as messaging as well as local and international voice and video calls, It let you share photos, voice, video, location, contacts, and status from your Android / iOS phone.”

Furthermore, a unique element of the messanger is the app ownership element that guarantees Company Ownership to users, through OneTime.World Plc’s distinctive business model. When users purchase the app from their respective platform’s app store and register as new members, they are instantly awarded a single share of OneTime.World Plc. From there users are awarded a single share per new user they convince to bring on to OneTime Messenger.

“We wish that the User monetizes huge on the success of OneTime Messenger. We think the User is the one that should benefit from the messaging service as well as from the growth of the company. Making the user a client and a company owner will ensure maximum value for the user.” The company spokesperson further explained.

The team behind the project is looking towards the generosity of the online crowd who are who believe in working together and empower each other for progress and creative apps that offer intuitive solutions to real life problems. The funds raised through the current crowdfunding campaign will be allocated to various aspects marketing the app and getting an advertising campaign off the ground to build the apps' target market and user base. A variety of different rewards and perks are also being offered to prize the generosity of those who support the campaign and the project through their monetary contributions.

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About: OneTime.World Plc is a fresh young startup with the technical and business skills necessary to make OneTime Messenger a technical success. The aim of the company is to provide intuitive solutions to real life problems and bring convenience to their stakeholders.

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