Crowdfunding Campaign Launched For An Artwear Apple Product Dodock

The Dodock team is made of up of out of the box thinkers, problem solvers, designers, and innovators, who are on a mission to develop innovate “smart fun” solutions in the form of modern gadgets for problems that people with contemporary technology face.

DoDock is a company that focuses on developing innovative “smart fun” devices and gadgets that make life easier for those using smart devices. The company recently announced the launch of their star product: Dodock - A Charging dock for Apple devices, pebble watches, and USB-c devices, they also took their product to the most popular crowdfunding platform KickStarter to build support and raise funds for Dodock. The Dodock crowdfunding campaign has a funding goal of at least $10,000 USD to be raised before Tue, May 10, 2016. The funds raised from the campaign will be allocated towards the tooling, manufacturing, and marketing the device.

The company developed the Dodock charging port with the understanding that a dock that charges multiple devices and different types of smart devices in the need of the time because most modern households have at least 3 or more smart devices that have a constant need to be charged. Each smart device comes with its own charging cord which leaves users with a jungle of tangled and intertwined cords and wires, which frustrates smart device users. Dodock has been designed to resolve this problem entirely with its unique and effective design that features multiple charging stations to charge various devices: IOS and Android devices. It supports simultaneous 4 devices charging, and exchangeable charging stations which allow users to switch between iOS and Android connectors.

The spokesperson for Dodock said: “Digital devices become the breath of life nowadays, mobile phone, iPad, smart watch, any of them needs charging. Having to charge multiple devices frequently, wires coiled and cluttered everywhere on the night stand get us easily annoyed. So we build dodock. Our designers use minimalist streamlined to interpret the essence of beauty. Giving double pleasure of vision and user experience inside and outside, Dodock delivers “sense and simplicity” in every bit we make and do. ”

The Dodock smart device charging dock has been designed not only to be effective, but also great to look at, with its modern, minimalist and streamlined design can stand out as a piece of contemporary art. The designers have cleverly hidden and incorporated features such as the bottom charging structure use original device cables to be winded inside, magnetic snap-on cap to hide the cables and exchangeable connectors to support apple and USB-c; 2 USB changing ports to support any device charging without affecting normal use. The design also incorporates an LED lighting system with 3 different modes. The Dodock will be available in 3 different attractive metallic colors which are perfect for home or office use.

The different components of the dock have been developed to be easy to install and requires a few simple steps to be up and running, even for people who do not consider themselves to be tech-savvy. Complete step by step installation instructions will be provided with each device for the convenience of users. The Dodock team has been working on their idea since August of 2015 and have since developed the final modules and prototypes of Dodock and are ready to go forward with their manufacturing plan as soon as the crowdfunding goal is successfully met.

The ongoing Kickstarter with a $10,000 funding goal has seen steady progress since its launch. However, the campaign has a long way to go to reach its goals, the team behind the project is looking towards the generosity of the online crowd to help this product become a reality. The funds raised through the current crowdfunding campaign will be allocated to various aspects necessary for the completion of the product for customer use.

A variety of different rewards and perks are also being offered to prize the generosity of those who support the campaign and the project through their monetary contributions. The Dodock team is confident that they will be able to overcome any challenges and obstacles by building relationships with experienced contract manufacturers and the product prototypes have been meticulously tested, tweaked and adjusted to ensure that the final product will offer all the conveniences that have been promised in the crowdfunding campaign. The Dodock team will keep their supporters informed and on board through every stage of the process.

The team has received much praise and encouragement in the form of Kickstarter campaign comments from supporters and fans. Due to the positive response, the Dodock team has also defined stretch goals for the campaign, which will unlock many exciting upgrades of the device when the goals are met.

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The Dodock team is made of up of out of the box thinkers, problem solvers, designers, and innovators, who are on a mission to develop innovate “smart fun” solutions in the form of modern gadgets for problems that people with contemporary technology face.

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