Critical Systems Inc Makes AMI’s New M217 Power Supply Available For Purchase

Critical Systems Inc is a process tool specialist for the industrial sector, and they have just made AMI’s new orbital welding power supply available to purchase or to rent.

Orbital Welding is a means by which computers can mechanically rotate the arc through 360 degrees for gas tungsten arc welding processes, eliminating human error and guaranteeing best results. Not all results are created equal however, and the quality of the finished result depends largely on the equipment these computers have access to. Critical Systems Inc are specialists in process tools, and have just announced that AMI’s New M217 Power Supply is available for their clients to buy or rent depending on their needs. The power source received a glowing review from Critical Systems’ first look earlier this year.

The new M217 is AMI’s replacement for the older M207 model. Until now, the 207 has been the industry standard for orbital tube welding. After twenty years at the top however, the M217 is now here and ready to retire its predecessor. CSI’s John Throngard examined the piece in detail, including design, functionality, and operation before approving the M217 for their own stock.

The item is now available for rental in their purchasing and orbital welding rentals departments for all process tool users, large and small. The upgrade to the very latest technological solutions is part of an ongoing commitment to CSI’s Idea Collaboration Center, which specializes in process tool facilitation in advanced technologies.

A spokesperson for Critical Systems Inc explained, “The new power system has weld data recording, full size color touch display, with patented five foot weld scheduling and more. The power supply is feature rich and versatile and intuitive, and is compatible with all other AMI products. The M217 represents a genuine leap forward that will help orbital welders increase their capacity and output considerably without any great investment in additional time or commitment. The piece is available now and can be bought or rented individually or as part of a suite that we can create to meet any process tool and machining needs.”

About Critical Systems: Since 2000, Critical Systems, Inc. (CSI) has been providing both large and small organizations with products and services that ‘surround the process tool’. From orbital welding to complex gas delivery and abatement systems, CSI supports the breakthrough technologies of their customers every day with practical, innovative, and cost effective solutions.

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