Criminal Record Holders Get Clarification on Parole Board of Canada Backlog

Pardon Applications of Canada, a nationwide Pardon (Record Suspension) & U.S. Waiver application processing firm, explains which Canadians are affected by the backlog in the processing of Pardon applications by the Parole Board of Canada

A “backlog” in the processing of Canadian Pardon (Record Suspension) applications by the Parole Board of Canada only affects applicants who submitted their application between July 2010 & February 2012, according to a nationwide firm who prepares the applications.

“As long as your Pardon application was completed and submitted after February 22, 2012, there is absolutely no backlog or delay. In fact, for new applicants, it’s a good time to start an application”, said Chris Heringer, CEO of Pardon Applications of Canada.

That’s because after February 22, 2012, the government’s submission fee increased to $631 and the name of a Pardon became “Record Suspension”. The additional fees associated with a record suspension submission operate under what the government calls a “full-cost recovery model”. In other words, new applications are processed more efficiently.

The backlog began after the federal Conservative government passed Bill C-10 in 2012. The Conservatives drafted the Bill after it was revealed that serial sex offender Graham James was granted a Pardon in 2007. A Canadian Pardon, or Record Suspension, effectively seals an individual’s criminal record from public visibility, which allows them to apply for work, volunteer their time and enroll in academic courses without fear that their criminal record will make them ineligible to do so.

Heringer added that even applications affected by the backlog are still being processed.

“The government has taken significant steps to address the backlog of these older applications”, explained Heringer. “They expect to have close to 70% of the backlog cleared within weeks”.

Generally speaking, applications involving only summary offences are being processed in the backlog faster, whereas those involving indictable (more serious) offences will have to wait a bit longer.

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