Crescent Harbor Modern Introduces a New Lamp Brand: Thumprints

An industry leader in empowering customers worldwide with lighting products has introduced a high-end lamp line.

Representatives with Crescent Harbor Modern ( unveiled a new lamp brand, Thumprints.

“We’re very excited about this brand,” said Tim Fossett, president and spokesperson for Crescent Harbor Modern. “Thumprints offers transitional, contemporary, as well as casually designed lighting for your home.”

Fossett explained that the goal of Thumprints is to provide high quality and design-driven, unique, lighting, building strong working relationships though outstanding relationships and great designs.

“Thumprints is a designer friendly line,” Fossett pointed out, before adding, “Thumprints is happy to work with retail buyers, as well as custom design and hospitality work. The team is well-prepared to implement large projects, but at the same time, no job is too small.”

Each Thumprints’ original design, according to Fossett, is as distinctive and personal as individual’s thumb print - created as a piece of functional art.

Fossett went on to note that whether people are looking for an accent light for their living room, lighting a new addition or an entire home, Crescent Harbor Modern, offers a wide variety of modern lighting fixtures.

“From affordable modern lighting solutions that look like they’re high-end to hand-crafted Italian-Inspired lighting fixtures that look like works of art, Crescent Harbor Modern has the product selection you need to decorate your home just the way you want, and the Thumprints brand is a great way to go,” Fossett said.

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About Crescent Harbor Modern

Crescent Harbor Modern is the modern lighting arm of The Lighthouse/Crescent Harbor Lighting, based in the historic seaside hamlet of Kennebunk, Maine. The Lighthouse has been in business for 40 years and is in the second generation of ownership. The company is a privately held, family owned concern, committed to providing its customers with quality modern lighting at a fair price.

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