Creative Storyteller Wael Mckee Showcases his Extraordinary Talent on New Website

Mckee tells his own story and in so doing demonstrates how people like himself in the creative field can, and should, promote themselves online visually.

Dubai, U.A.E. - Wael Mckee is pleased to announce the launch of his newly rebuilt website, designed as a simple way of telling his own story online as a creative. Renowned both locally and globally as a creative storyteller, Mckee has worked with many different brands and companies, also offering CGI, visual effects including 3D and 2D design and motion graphics. He rebuilt his website himself as a means of demonstrating how effective visual presentations can be for those who have stories to tell.

“People in the creative field can make a tremendous impact by telling their stories to the public visually,” says Mckee. “Every digital artist should make a move for themselves and put the expertise they already have on display to the world as their own unique story.”

Mckee stresses that storytelling doesn't stop at simply writing a story or filming a movie. The story can be told anywhere, and as he so capably demonstrates with his own story, even on a website. Mckee’s use of dynamic and at times, startling imagery has helped many clients with their online presence and branding with the use of creative digital media.

Mckee was actually the first person to advertise a video life story on YouTube in 2017, the results of which were so positive that he started to put more efforts into his brand online.

Mckee adds a unique touch to his personal branding by always including the planet Mars, as seen in his 2017 video. When asked why Mars, he explains that it symbolizes his ‘long shot’ dream of flying to Mars:

“A trip to Mars might seem very far off, but we're getting there and it will happen.”

He also hints that in the website itself there are still some hidden messages, such as the constellation of Aries that shows in the background of the first message while scrolling.

“The Aries constellation symbolizes my horoscope and the period of the year I was born in. There are also other Easter eggs on the website for anyone curious enough to seek them out.”

For more information, visit Mckee’s remarkable new website at

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