Creative Biolabs—A Whole-heart Therapeutic Antibody Supplier of MHC Tetramer

Creative Biolabs distributes comprehensive MHC Tetramer products to sustain global clients' projects, aiming to accelerate the process of precision medicine targeting various diseases.

Creative Biolabs is a whole-hart supplier of antibody products, providing all-round MHC tetramers optimized for tetramer assay, nowadays a crucial test targeting T cells through adopting tetrameric proteins, of which the tetramers involved consist of four major histocompatibility complex (MHC) molecules.

Product Catalogue

MHC Tetramer for Cancer
Targeting against various types of cancer researches, the provided high-standard products are applicable to ex vivo selection and proliferation of T-cells specific to tumor-related antigens, which can sharply affect the cancer immunotherapy.
Hot targets: EGFR, ERBB2, PMEL, MUC1, MS4AQ, INS, etc.

MHC Tetramer for Virology
Virus research-focused peptide-MHC tetramers are accessible that can support the process of clients' vaccine development projects, with which even rarely seen CD8+ T-cell antigen groups are likely to get detected.
Hot targets: Env, HBsAg, HPV16 E7, CMV pp65, HBV, HIV-1, etc.

MHC Tetramer for Bacteriology
Creative Biolabs has all round tetramers of biotinylated peptide/MHC complexes identifying T cells through flow cytometry that function essentially when recognizing bacteria. Applicable lab tests include but are unlimited to 3D Immunohistochemistry, Flow Cytometry, Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay, Neutralization.
Hot targets: E. coli, lacZ, Tetanus Toxin, Chlamydia CrpA, BCG MPT51, M. bovis MPT51, etc.

MHC Tetramer for Other Applications
Aside from the above-mentioned areas, the full product list still cover researches associated with parasites, tumors, transplanted tissues, allergens pointing to specific antigens.
Hot targets: Ovotransferrin (TF), Env, MOG, LYZ, etc.

All of the MHC tetramer products offered are optimized for a variety of tetramer assays, cGMP certified and guaranteed for:
*High affinity & low or no immunogenicity
*Maximized specificity but minimized off-target activity
*Endotoxin free

For years, Creative Biolabs has been concentrated on the recombinant antibody (rAb) discovery and manufacturing, offering products with specific functions facilitated with the most up-to-date technology platforms, which include Engineered Antibody (Therapeutic Antibodies, sdAbs, ADCs, etc.), Soluble T Cell Receptor, Therapeutic Protein, Glyco-Engineering Antibody, Antibody-like Scaffold Protein, and MHC Tetramer. Aside from the products, pharmaceutical projects can also find counterpart solutions. If more details are required, please visit

About the Company
Creative Biolabs, set up by a group of scientists devoted to the contract research of various diseases like cancer, is a leading figure in the field of therapeutic antibodies on a worldwide scale, providing comprehensive therapeutic antibodies targeting at a wide range of diseases. Facilitated with high-end technology platforms, recombinant antibody products and associated services are delivered with high quality in fast processing period. The "one-stop solution" notion is the highlight which surpasses other CROs embedded in a custom-first business model.

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