Creative Biolabs Provides Comprehensive Services of Stem Cell Therapy Development

Creative Biolabs is offering a full set of stem cell therapy development services internationally, intending to accelerate the growth of Stem Cell Therapy (SCT) around the world, and hence to facilitate new drug discovery and manufacturing.

Stem cells are non-specialized cells holding the ability to switch to many different types of cells, which therefore play a key role in the body’s healing process and the stem cell regenerative medicine (also known as Stem Cell Therapy). Aiming to improve the pharmaceutical process of STC on a worldwide scale, Creative Biolabs, built up by a group of scientists, is devoted to providing comprehensive services and products accordingly. The one-stop solutions contain basic research services, stem cell therapy development services and stem cell manufacturing, and featured products cover the STEMODTM disease models.

Services Coverage

The experienced scientists offer all-round GMP compliant basic research services regarding the whole stage of stem cell therapy to ensure safe, pure, and efficient drug products for clients, which include services of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSC), Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs), Organoid and 3D Bioprinting, Genome Editing for Stem Cell, and Assay Development.

Core package—MSCs services: Creative Biolabs offers cutting-edge cell therapy research services covering every stage of MSC development, involving isolation, expansion, characterization, and differentiation, featured with the following highlights:

The provided cells from clients stay ensured for long-term viability, multipotent potential, integrity, and uniformity.
Adjustable services to guarantee varied requirements according to cellular applications and assay endpoints are satisfied.
Abundant desired-function cell populations plus perfect culture insurance

The SCT development solutions possess the capability of developing stem cell treatment development, whose products reveal significance to the growth, maintenance and repair of organs like brain, bone, muscle, nerve, blood, skin, etc., with stem cells adopted to develop customized disease modeling. Services in this section contain disease-specific stem cell therapy development, iPSC-derived cell therapy development, and stem cell facilitated drug discovery.

The following stem cell manufacturing services are still under continuous development with the joint efforts of experts from Creative Biolabs, in the aim of perfecting all the clients’ projects countering diversified objectives.

MSC Expansion Services
ES Expansion Services
Stem Cell Differentiation Services
Characterization Services
Cell Labeling Services
Cell Banking Services

The study on stem cells in the US can be traced back to the 150, which initially revealed hope to the treatment of cancer that such cells were capable of differentiating. That discovery was a boom in the medical area and till now, the SCT, iPSC, MSC research occupies the strategic location and is moving forward to the improvement of current disease therapies and drug development. “Our intention is to assist the research institutes and pharmaceutical manufacturing,” said the head of Creative Biolabs, which has been endeavoring in the SCT field for years, conscientiously and professionally. For more information about the stem cell therapy development, please feel free to visit

About the Company
Creative Biolabs is a whole-hear one-stop solutions provider working on stem cell therapy development with a history of more than a decade. There still exist huge challenges in gene and cell therapy before new approaches (iPSC cell technology) can enter mainstream medicine. With years of experience in providing high-quality products and services in the field of biopharmaceuticals for customers all over the world, scientists in Creative Biolabs will be more focused on developing first-class product and technology to meet the need of stem cell therapy development.

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