Creative Biolabs Powers up Novel Cancer Immunotherapy with CAR & TCR Products

Creative Biolabs Powers up Novel Cancer Immunotherapy with comprehensive CAR & TCR Products.

Having served biopharmaceutical and basic research for decades, Creative Biolabs promotes the development of novel cellular immunotherapies and gene therapies against cancer with enhanced immune cell products.

New research unveils the cancer therapeutic prospective of engineered T cells that can more effectively migrate inside tumor microenvironments. Indeed, the most promising cellular immunotherapies, chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy and engineered T Cell receptor (TCR) Therapy, are both based on engineered T cells.

The ability of immune cells to bind to markers (known as antigens) on the surface of cancer cells makes them particularly powerful against cancer. To facilitate the development of novel immunotherapies based on CAR research and gene therapies in areas of unmet need, Creative Biolabs provides a wide range of immune cell products.

Taking advantage of the natural ability of immune cells, cellular immunotherapies can be deployed in different ways, including the main adoptive TCR and CAR therapies.

• Engineered T Cell Receptor Therapy and Products

Most patients have naturally occurring T cells to target and kill cancer cells. However, in the cases that T cells have not recognized tumors or can't be activated and expanded to sufficient numbers, the engineered TCR therapy will be a considerate option.

In addition to activating and expanding the available anti-tumor T cells, the adoptive TCR therapy also equips the T cell with a new receptor to better target specific cancer antigens. But it's noted that the functional affinity of the transduced TCR is extremely important for successful therapy.

Creative Biolabs presents a novel and stable platform cell line - TCR-Jurkat cell line to evaluate the functional affinity of isolated and transduced TCR. These TCR-Jurkat cell products have been functionally characterized in vitro and can be used to predict the function of the TCR-transduced T cells in developing TCR-based immunotherapy.

• Chimeric Antigen Receptor T Cell Therapy and Products

TCR therapy is restricted to target and eliminate cancer cells whose antigens are presented and bound by the major histocompatibility complex. The novel cellular immunotherapy breaks this restriction by adding a gene for a synthetic receptor, CAR, in which T cells can better identify specific cancer cell antigens and attacks more cancer cells.

However, the downside of CAR T cells is that they can only recognize antigens that are naturally expressed on the cell surface. Scientists at Creative Biolabs make use of the immortal human leukemic T cell line, Jurkat cells, to inspect T cell activation and signaling mechanisms. The Creative Biolabs team introduces and characterizes a list of second-generation CAR-Jurkat cell products, in which the scFv-based CAR was efficiently expressed on the transfected Jurkat cells and could specifically activate the Jurkat cells after recognizing antigen on the cancer cells.

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Creative Biolabs is a leading CAR solution provider and product manufacturer for cellular therapy research. Immune cell materials from this company, including PBMC, T cells, B cells, NK cells, DCs, and stem cells, have promoted several research projects on leukemia, carcinoma, sarcoma, blastoma, etc.

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