Creative Biolabs Offers Comprehensive Stable Cell Line Services and Products

Creative Biolabs is capable of providing one-stop stable cell line construction services and various cell line products to support global clients’ relevant projects.

Biomedical scientists at Creative Biolabs have devised comprehensive stable cell line services with well-designed gene screening and amplification system, enabling to generate immortal, steady cell lines based upon provided genes or synthesized ones. The resulting exported cells are generalizable to various research purposes.

In the Stable Cell Line Construction Services, a modified FRT/Flp-In recombinase system is adopted to produce human proteins in CHO cells and 293 cells for stable expression, which has been proved capable of producing produce high-level expressers of recombinant proteins. “We’ve designed a special, state-of-the-art series of high-yield vector system,” said the head of Creative Biolabs. The unprecedented breaking-through technology enables the highest yields in all common mammalian cell protein production host cell lines, like 293, CHO and NSO. The whole workflow meets strict lab standards and follows systematic procedures from selecting marker, transfection, selection, expansion, gene amplification (optional), screening to cell line characterization with process development.

2.0- 5.5 grams/liter [80-120pg/cell/day] antibody yields
1.5×107/mL cell density

Custom cell lysate service is another featured components of the one-stop solutions. The cell lysates from Creative Biolabs, obtained with the help of an advanced proprietary platform can reach as high as 20 mg/mL concentration, in a fast cycle. They fit well with various assay standards like Western blot, ELISA and some kinds of bio-analytical assays, so as to meet diversified research targets.

Aside from the all-round services, cell line products are launched for a quick and intuitive harvesting, consisting two types mainly, Hybridoma Cell Lines and Bio-similar Cell Lines.

Creative Biolabs has various hybridoma cell lines, with a variety of product categories like somatic cell hybrids, which are capable of producing immunoglobulins that are specific for viral, bacterial or cellular targets.

Most popular:
Mouse X Mouse Hybridoma
Mouse X Bovine Heterohybridoma
Mouse X Rat Heterohybridoma
Rat X Rat Hybridoma

All the cell line products will undergo strict quality inspection and authentication for double verification.

Stable cell lines are immortal cells to express interested protein (or other useful molecules) steadily under control. Both the developed stable cell lines as required and provided cell products from Creative Biolabs are ensured to grow ceaselessly for a long term with little or without any change for the expression level of target gene, thanks to the help of scientific staff. If more information about the stable cell line services & products is required, please contact or visit

Creative Biolabs, founded by scientists who are dedicated to the conquering of cancer holds the belief to build up a custom-service-centered business model for optimizing the drug development process, leveraging accessible resources, and forming a team of various background to conduct drug discovery in future. It is the leading custom service provider with extensive experience in various antibody production and engineering fields.

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