Creative Biolabs Launched New Platform to Accelerate Cell Therapy Development

Creative Biolabs is fully committed to the laboratory and manufacturing services and products for cell therapies and regenerative medicine.

NEW YORK, USA, July 18, 2019—Creative Biolabs is fully committed to the laboratory and manufacturing services and products for cell therapies and regenerative medicine. With the driving philosophy of improving existing, or developing new services and products, the new stem cell therapy development platform has been established to help solve the challenges of stem cell researches. The complete product portfolio and services will support every step of researches based on its continuity, efficiency and precision. The following is the introduction of some services or products.

1. Stem Cell Therapy Development
Induced pluripotent stem cells(iPSC), a kind of pluripotent stem cells, can be derived directly from adult cells, because of which each individual has their own iPSCs cell line, thus to avoid the risk of immune rejection. Because of its important functions, the company launched iPSC therapy services. With enlarged researches and development fields of iPSC therapy, the company is mainly offering iPSC derived immune cell therapy and iPSC derived stem cell therapy services to better satisfy clients’ needs. Apart from the service of iPSC therapy, disease-specific stem cell therapy development and stem cell facilitated drug discovery services are also available.

2. Stem Cell Research Services
Currently, Creative Biolabs mainly offers the iPSC services and mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) services. With the goal to keep up with the pace of the development in the research field, stem cell research services also include organoid and 3D bioprinting services, genome editing services for stem cell and assay development service.

This time, the company made great improvements in iPSC services. First of all, the services range has been broadened by adding in the service range the iPSC differentiation services and pluripotent characterization services. Secondly, the development streamed-line protocols for iPSC generation with viral vectors, DNA (plasmid), RNA and recombinant proteins shortens the whole process time.

It is through the acquirement and reprograms of iPSC from a specific patient clinical profile that the research and data relevancy will be reprogrammed. Moreover, IPSC maintenance services and various flexible custom services and solutions are also available. Take genome editing services, for example, the custom genome editing services in human cells can consist of cell lines and patient-derived cells.

3. iPSC production
iPSC reprogramming methods for iPSC production generally cover factor delivery strategy by the virus and episomal vectors, furthermore, by mRNA and proteins. With the complete and precise reprogramming workflow—tissue selection, reprogramming, iPSCS with transgene integration and final iPSCS product—the company is able to offer top-class iPSC reprogramming services.

“This era witnessed the extraordinary progress, as well as the challenges and difficulties, in gene and cell therapy fields. Some safety issues have been reported in experiments, therefore, helping researchers reduce the risks which may occur in trials become our mission. We will continue to upgrade technologies to develop high-quality products and services to meet the demands of stem cells, especially iPSC, therapy development.” Said the product manager.

With the mission of creating a better research circumstance, the company is exerting to develop cutting-edge technologies to meet the clients’ needs. For more info:

About Creative Biolabs
Creative Biolabs is a US-based company. Equipped with an experienced management team, professional scientists and partners, the company is leveraging a unique portfolio and proprietary technologies to create a novel class of cell-therapy products and services that encompass many of the benefits of biotherapeutics.

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