Creative Biolabs Is a Specialized Provider of Vaccine Preclinical Test Service

Creative Biolabs is fully capable of handling requests about vaccine development, especially in the section of vaccine preclinical assessment, by providing services that are supported by high-end technologies and Ph.D. level scientists.

The current epidemic COVID-19 has brought great chance and challenge to the vaccine manufacturers that it is in urgent need to develop effective and safe vaccines targeting SARS-CoV-2. As an expert in industry, Creative Biolabs offers a series of vaccine development solutions to global customers, including vaccine design, adjuvant selection, analytical development & qualification, vaccine preclinical assessment, vaccine formulation development, and process development & GMP manufacturing, which are comprehensive covering the entire pipeline of vaccine development, and intended to facilitate customers in a one-stop and cost-effective manner. As some promising vaccines are about to enter the clinical test stage to test their therapeutic effects, and more importantly their safety, choosing a professional solution provider accordingly is of vital importance.

Creative Biolabs provides qualified vaccine preclinical assays (in vitro assays and in vivo assays) to ensure that the safety, potency and quality of vaccines which are about to get administered to healthy people, to accelerate the process of vaccine development.

Creative Biolabs has vaccine in vitro assays—non-animal assessment service to measure the key attributes of vaccines, such as safety and potency, which cut down the use of animals as disease models. The vaccine safety assessment mainly focuses on inherent toxicity, toxicity caused by the pharmacodynamic activity of the candidate vaccine or its components, toxicity of contaminants and impurities. And testing of vaccine potency is realized through immunization-challenge tests, serological analyses, cell-based assays and titration assays.

Vaccine assessment in vivo assays assist with translating basic research to clinical therapy through detecting and solving the possible problems that may occur, in specific vaccine animal models, which range from natural disease models, surrogate models, models for analyzing specific immune responses, surgical models, etc., to elaborately assess vaccine delivery, immunopathogenesis and immune response arouse in the host.

Considering that the epidemic novel coronavirus—SARS-CoV-2 is threatening the health of humans on a worldwide scale, the pace of developing an effective and safe vaccine should be accelerated as much as possible. It's vital for the global vaccine manufacturers to choose a reliable partner like Creative Biolabs to improve part of or the entire pipeline, who has received appreciation from regular customers in industry. More relevant information about the vaccine development solutions and Creative Biolabs can be accessed at

Creative Biolabs is a leading figure in the industry of vaccine development, preclinical assessment and GMP manufacturing, which is established and based in New York, USA. With a group of scientists having years of practical experience, Creative Biolabs provides all-round products and vaccine associated services that are of high standard and with attentive technical support. The service portfolio includes vaccine design for specific requirements that involves vaccine target validation, vaccines targeting bacterial, viral, fungal, parasites, cancer markers, etc.

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