Creative Biolabs Introduced mRNA Solutions to Propel New Drug Discovery

After years of exploration in biotechnology fields, Creative Biolabs has set up a sector that offers mRNA-related solutions exclusively, which released new technology platforms to support global researchers' projects about the promising therapeutic candidate—mRNA.

Messenger RNA (mRNA) has gained much attention in the past year due to the successful FDA approval of several mRNA vaccines that provide effective protection against COVID-19. Creative Biolabs, having been exploring nucleic acid fields, has mastered mRNA technologies, and is competent to offer first-level mRNA solutions as support of global researchers' projects involving new drug discovery and target delivery of mRNA.

Areas of specialty in mRNA solutions
Creative Biolabs can help develop and produce high-quality mRNA reagents and has segmented its service capabilities according to different project endpoints.
* mRNA synthesis serves for those clients requiring mRNA fragments of varying lengths, which is achieved through either chemical or IVT synthesis approach, with the desired sequence of DNA template provided.
* Engineering mRNA mainly takes place ant the 5' and the 3', by incorporating a cap structure or modified nucleosides separately.
* Various options of mRNA delivery vehicles, such as lipid-based vector, polymer-based vector, and hybrid vector.
* Design of mRNA-based cell reprogramming, including T cell reprogramming, DC reprogramming, NK cell reprogramming, and iPSC reprogramming.

"Our services cover every step of an mRNA's discovery and engineering," according to a technician, "and the most popular among clients is always our one-stop package as it can be more time-and-money-saving."

Platforms backing mRNA studies:
* TriMix for the improvement of DC immunity, which is a combination of three mRNA types for the encoding of multiple immune-stimulating factors, such as CD40L, CD70, and TLR4.
* LPR technology enables the modification of the mRNA encoding a large scope of tumor antigens using designated histidylated liposomes and polymers, to thereby facilitate antitumor efficacy.

Years of practical experience brings Creative Biolabs a fast reaction towards urgent needs of the products for gene therapy studies, which has in-stock mRNA products for quick international shipment, and the main categories are reagents for mRNA delivery, genome editing mRNA, kits, etc.
* IVTScrip™ mRNA transcript: antibody mRNA, cytokine mRNA, etc.

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Creative Biolabs was established by a group of scientists who are outstanding in their areas such as chemistry, biology, and new drug discovery. Years of sedimentary accretion of knowledge and experience in nucleic acid equips Creative Biolabs with the capability to support both regular and challenging mRNA-related projects, including mRNA synthesis, mRNA modification, and mRNA therapeutics development.

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