Creative Biolabs Helps Discover the Full Potential of Messenger RNA

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Creative Biolabs has the full competence and professional strategies to cope with the R&D of novel messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) therapeutics against various diseases, such as cancer, as a professional CRO supporting innovative therapeutics discovery.

Creative Biolabs focuses on advancing mRNA technology to address problems that are unique to the development of mRNA therapy, such as mRNA biology, chemistry, formulation and transport, bioinformatics, and protein engineering. After years of handling related projects, a systematic mode of service has been established, applicable to independent solutions for mRNA synthesis, modification, and delivery, as well as one-stop programs for mRNA therapeutics development such as mRNA vaccine.

mRNA becomes an advantageous gene therapy candidate especially after synthesized by in vitro transcription (IVT) approaches, with simpler intracellular process for protein expression and enhanced level of protein expression. Creative Biolabs owns essential DNA templates, enzymes, nucleotides, buffer components, and corresponding optimization techniques to help develop high-yield IVT mRNA for different research targets.
* Various templates: plasmid DNA, PCR products, and synthetic oligonucleotides
* T7 promoter system available
* Optimization of condon, 5'-UTR and 3'-UTR, and poly(A) length and 5' capping

mRNA delivery
mRNA technology brings enormous opportunities for novel therapies, and efficient and precise delivery is a core influence factor of its efficacy. Creative Biolabs is delighted to address the scientific and technological issues in the development of unique mRNA delivery vehicles by combining cutting-edge platforms with extensive experience.

"Our powerful technology platform supports the development of highly stable and efficient delivery systems such as polymer and lipid-based vectors, as well as hybrid vectors," according to a scientist. "We are especially proficient in LNP preparation and we can do flexible scales."

mRNA therapeutics development
Creative Biolabs has established a one-stop mRNA therapeutics development platform to assist with all aspects of mRNA-based projects, including mRNA design and production, mRNA biology, mRNA formulation and delivery, mRNA immunogenicity validation, and protein engineering, based on the needs for mRNA research in drug development. Several strategies such as reverse transcription PCR and branched DNA have been established and adopted for analysis purposes.

Coverage: immunotherapy, gene therapy, protein replacement therapy, vaccine development, etc.

"Our experts will collaborate with you to establish the most effective strategy for obtaining the most useful data for your research."

Creative Biolabs can undertake novel mRNA discovery studies in various areas with efficient approaches in mRNA-based experiments.


Two essential factors in the development of mRNA treatments, stability and translation efficiency, should be optimized since they have an impact on the entire development process, including large-scale manufacturing. To that end, Creative Biolabs built a full mRNA technology platform for mRNA production, modification, and delivery technique optimization.

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