Create My Own Website Launches Step by Step Guide To Website Creation

Create My Own Website is a new website created to give first timers invaluable insight into the right way to create a website from scratch without any technical skills.

The website has now taken the place of the business card as a means by which to introduce oneself and create a first impression. This first impression is not made just upon individuals within a room however, but potentially anyone on earth. As such, it’s important to make a good impression and bad website design can cost individuals the vital legitimacy they need when starting out as an entrepreneur, freelancer, creative or blogger. Create My Own Website has launched to ensure that first time website designers make all the right moves.

The guide is divided into four key stages, the first being website hosting and domain registration. It gives individuals an idea of exactly what they should be looking for in a hosting provider and that they should be thinking about the name of their site in a way audiences will respond positively to.

Section two covers the use of WordPress, the web’s most intuitive and versatile free publishing platform. Section three discusses configuring WordPress to best serve the specific needs of the website for things like blogging, e-commerce, portfolio and other major groups. Section four talks about search engine optimization and online marketing in order to maximise the website’s exposure.

A spokesperson for Create My Own Website explained, “We understand that creating a website for the first time from the ground up can seem like a daunting project to undertake if you know nothing about the process. Fortunately, website creation is so ubiquitous now that providers have prioritised making it as easy and user friendly as possible. We illuminate the best ways to take advantage of these services to create, customise and promote a website whether for business, creative or personal purposes. The guide was created with beginners in mind, so no one should fear giving it a try.”

About Create My Own Website: Create My Own Website is an online resource and guide providing insight and expertise on how to effectively and economically create a website for the first time that provides opportunities for easy content creation, customisation and management. It also details how to get the right hosting, domain, and how to promote the website to gain followers and customers.

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