Countrywide Mediation Offers Affordable and Professional Mediation Services

With the help of families can come to successful resolutions for their disputes at much more affordable prices than going to court

In the UK, it is clear that parents and couples are searching for new ways to resolve their disputes. In the past year, those seeking mediation has increased by nine percent and this is a number that is expected to keep going up.

Mediation is a legal service sought by many people, including those who are filing for divorce, employees seeking legal action against their employer and even two neighbors discussing the ownership of a certain piece of land. In an effort to make this service more accessible, Countrywide Mediation is offering services to individuals in the UK, helping them save money and reduce the stress related to their issue or disagreement.

“The fact is, once the legal action begins, it has a tendency to snowball until the costs are not proportionate to the original case,” stated company representative Jason Scott. “Additionally, legal battles often require a large amount of time to resolve with our services for family mediation and other mediation services, you don’t have to worry about this huge expense of time or money.”

According to mediation reports, approximately 75 percent of cases are settled the same day, while approximately 11 percent are settled shortly thereafter. This shows that mediation does work and helps to quickly resolve issues that may otherwise take countless months or longer to resolve in the courtroom.

“In addition to providing information about how you can receive our mediation services, our website also provides information and resources for those facing difficult legal situations,” continued Scott. “On our site Mediation explained in ways that you can understand how it works and why it is beneficial.”

Additional information about the services offered by Countrywide Mediation can be found at the website. Avoiding a long and heated legal battle is the best way to save time and money.


Countrywide Mediation offers services from a qualified and expert mediator who will meet all parties involved in the dispute to ensure everyone agrees to the mediation process. Once the initial meeting is complete, the mediator will begin meetings to discuss and try to resolve the situation. The goal of a mediator is to help all the parties reach a conclusion that everyone can agree on. When mediation is complete, the parties receive a written agreement that records the solution that everyone agreed on. With years of service in the area, Countrywide Mediation can be trusted to help provide an easy process.

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