Cosco Enterprises Manufactures Cosco Green Soap, A Popular Custom Soap Used for Tattoos

Cosco Enterprises manufactures Cosco Green Soap, “The Original” custom soap used for tattoos.

Cosco Enterprises, a custom soap manufacturer, is pleased to offer its customers Cosco Tattoo Green Soap, a unique blend made to address the needs of those with tattoos or those in the tattoo industry. Founded in 1966, the company specializes in making customizable formulas to include personal care items such as soaps, body washes, shampoos, and sanitizers as well as industrial and home cleaning agents intended for a wide variety of uses. Cosco Green Tattoo Soap is a proprietary natural formulation that combines ingredients such as pure vegetable oils and glycerin for a completely biodegradable and environmentally safe option for taking care of your tattoos.

Cosco Tattoo Green Soap, is just one in a line of many different manufacturer the company offers. In fact, since its founding in 1966, they have risen up the ranks to become a leading soap manufacturing company and co-packer to many well-known brands. Its 40,000 square foot New York facility has more a dozen filling lines as well as countless 55 to 5,000 gallon blending tanks; allowing Cosco to produce many different products at a rapid rate. With an extensive production space, they are able to not only be innovative with the new formulas they develop, but keep prices low as well.

Soap manufacturing companies are few and far between when it comes those that produce products intended for specific industries, especially the tattoo market. The time Cosco Enterprises has taken in learning about the industry and specific cleansing needs of those with tattoos is unparalleled. The formulation they have developed resulted in a product that not only uses natural ingredients like vegetable oil to reduce the incidence of infection and glycerin to reduce the risk of skin irritation, but other added ingredients to ensure added protection of your investment as well.

“If you run a tattoo shop or you’ve simply recently gotten a tattoo yourself, then Cosco’s Tattoo Green Soap is ideal for making sure you reduce your risk of infection, irritation, and keep your tattoo clean and healthy as it heals. Its formulation from the highest quality natural ingredients is ideal as opposed to other more options chock full of chemicals. And, with our more than 50 years of experience in the soap business, you can count on the fact that we’re skilled at creating formulations that get the stated job done. So, if you’re looking for a soap to use in taking care of tattoos, visit our website to buy a product that can do just that!” - Cosco Enterprises

About Cosco Soap: Formulated by Cosco Enterprises in their large Ridgewood, NY 40,000 square facility, this commercial-grade, all natural soap is ideal for those in the tattoo industry looking to provide their clients with the highest degree of cleanliness and upkeep for their expensive tattoo investments. Over its various years on the market, its customers have come to rely on the many benefits experienced in purchasing this product from a reduction in risk of infection and skin irritation and other improvements. Cosco Tattoo Green Soap comes in a variety of sizes to meet your specific needs.

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