Corporate Graphic Solutions Introduces Large-Scale Recycling Solution

All-inclusive service allows clients to share in recycling profits, with installation, maintenance, and pickup taken care of, Corporate Graphic Solutions reports

Corporate Graphic Solutions introduced the company's new, large-scale recycling service. With clients currently including Delonghi, H&M, Home Depot, Port Logistics, and others, the new recycling solution includes free installation and maintenance of a high-capacity, 60-inch vertical down-stroke baler, as well as free pickup of recyclable materials. Corporate Graphic Solutions clients share in the profits generated by the large-scale recycling service, with a minimum weekly pickup of eight bales, typically ranging from 600 to 800 pounds each, being required. As one of the country's most trusted large-scale print management and Logistics Services providers, Corporate Graphic Solutions is especially well positioned to offer this accessible, comprehensive recycling service.

"We'd like to announce that our new large-scale recycling service is now available," said Harvey Ginsberg, Corporate Graphic Solutions President and CEO, "We leveraged our decades of experience as a corporate, agency, and Manufacturing Logistics Provider in designing this solution, and we think it does a great job of addressing the recycling challenges typically faced by large businesses and national brands. The new service allows clients to share generously in the financial rewards produced by recycling, but without the hassle and expense of buying and maintaining equipment or delivering materials to a recycling plant. With everything taken care of, this is a large-scale recycling solution that checks all the boxes."

After years of rapid progress that tapered off in the 1990s, the overall recycling rate in the United States has remained flat at about one-third of eligible materials since, according to a 2015 report by the Economist. With that level standing well below the average among other highly developed countries, the US consigns over $11 billion worth of recyclable packaging and containers to landfills annually.

While many businesses express an interest in recycling, getting started can require large investments, with ongoing maintenance and transportation requirements and costs adding to the burden. The new Corporate Graphic Solutions large-scale recycling service was designed to do away with these hurdles while allowing clients to share in the revenue generated from recycled materials.

The new full-service solution includes everything needed to start and maintain a large-scale corporate recycling program. Each participating business receives free installation of a 60-inch wide material baler, along with free ongoing electrical and mechanical maintenance. With a minimum weekly requirement of eight bales of recyclable material, pickups and transportation are also free. Participants also share in the profits generated, so all benefits of recycling are retained. Large companies are invited to contact Corporate Graphic Solutions to learn more about the new service.

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