Coronado Distribution Company Announces New Site for Government Procurement Agents

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Site allows procurement to be done online through government-approved purchasing methods, reports Coronado Distribution Company.

Modernization has been a bit slow when it comes to various standard government procedures, but now, it's possible for government procurement agents to buy supplies online just like everyone else. Coronado Distribution Co. has announced its online product catalog, which is connected to the Department of Defense - Electronic Mall (DOD EMALL) so that its items can be obtained online without the need to mail in paperwork. It is also attached to GSA Advantage, which provides another way to pay for materials. This will streamline purchasing for government branches of all sizes.

Government office supplies aren't all that different than any other kind, but certain agencies only allow purchases from authorized suppliers. Procurement agents find their jobs easier when they use suppliers that offer many other things as well because it saves them from having to keep track of multiple companies. "Our company stocks everything from gel pens and towels to tactical equipment," noted CEO, Carlos Flores, of Coronado Distribution. "This makes it easy for any DOD customer to get everything it needs in one spot."

The size of a government purchase may vary widely depending on the specific office doing the buying. "A single Army recruitment office may only need a few pens, some flags, and a weapons display case," Flores said. "On the other hand, an operating military base will need thousands of items on a regular basis. It will also have increased needs. For example, the recruiter's office will typically only need standard cleansers to take care of sanitation needs, while a base may need several of our decontamination trailers to be ready for any eventuality. We are proud to be able to take care of government contracts of many sizes as well as our ability to handle one-off purchases that come up on an ad-hoc basis. In fact, as an 8A contract holder, we can handle procurement needs that cannot be taken care of by certain other suppliers."

Many of the company's products focus on Naval needs, but there are also plenty that are good for multiple branches or even offices outside of the DOD. Therefore, it expects to have more reach than a one-branch contractor would.

"Regardless of the size or type of government office that is doing the purchasing, we believe that our new site and its payment methods will make it easy for purchasing agents to acquire what is needed in a faster way while reducing errors. Since everyone likes it when things run smoothly, it can only be a benefit to use our online shop instead of the older purchasing methods." said CEO Flores.

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About Coronado Distribution Company is an 8A contract holder that is led by an executive team with over 100 combined years of experience in and around the Navy. This gives their leadership an in-depth understanding of DOD requirements and allows them to provide exactly what is needed to keep a DOD operation running smoothly.

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