CORE, CORE Media: Harnessing the Benefits of Technology for the Good of Humanity

Available through the CORE Media web portal is CORE Social, a unique social media website that will ultimately cater to the specific needs of the cryptocurrency community

CORE is a NXT token family, formerly BTCOR and launched in early 2015, which engages in dynamic revenue generating activities and holds in its treasury an impressive array of investment assets including gold, silver, Bitcoin and a plethora of other NXT tokens and cryptocurrencies.

Building upon the strength it demonstrated throughout its first year, CORE continues to revamp and expand its scope of operations. Its founder plans to bring aspects of his brick and mortar business to the NXT ecosystem in early 2016 and a companion initiative, CORE Media, began its operations in December 2015.

CORE Media aims to function as a megaphone of sorts for legitimate businesses and projects built on the most innovative blockchain-based platforms like NXT and SuperNET via its numerous media outlets including its website, CORE Magazine, its well-established social media accounts and its own radio channel, CORE Radio. With a versatile team of skilled writers and dedicated professionals presenting the most up-to-date cryptocurrency news, CORE Media serves to introduce an expanding range of demographics to the 'Internet of Money’.

Available through the CORE Media web portal is CORE Social, a unique social media website that will ultimately cater to the specific needs of the cryptocurrency community. Although the website has been launched with a basic feature set, implementation of advanced features the cryptocurrency community needs is already in progress. CORE Social will soon provide features like file transfer, real-time private messaging, webinars, item sales, a live chat box, birthday announcements, instant language translation, MixCloud integration for CORE Radio, business and venture page setups, mainstream social media platform integrations, calendar sharing and more.

A subsection of CORE Social currently under development but available on the website is CORE Health - a portal to a wide variety of information on health and wellness topics. With this initiative CORE is promoting the notion that a healthy mind and body is a successful mind and body and intends to empower people to lead a well-rounded lifestyle that includes a healthy diet, physical and mental exercise, and crypto!

Also under development but not yet available on the website is CORE Guru – “a next generation education tool which will allow you or anyone to create and teach a course on any topic and to be paid in NXT and BTC by people attending the courses. Courses will include CORE Certificate of Completion, tests, quizzes, etc. A full course on Bitcoin and NXT is expected to attract many to seek certification. Other potential course topics include mining and forging pools, food preserving traditions, and health topics.”

Although advertising space is already available on all CORE Media websites, the final feature which will complete the CORE Media web portal is CORE Advertising, an advanced platform which will allow customers to log in, purchase, and select the location, duration, and other specifications for advertisements.

A number of recent internal promotions at CORE indicate that the CORE family of tokens is powered by an enthusiastic and skilled team making CORE’s presence felt far and wide and positioning CORE to continue along its trajectory of growth at a formidable rate.

CORE, CORE Media and the brick and mortar business tokens will soon be available for instant purchase with Bitcoin, will remain paired against NXT on the NXT asset exchange and will be paired against Bitcoin on a new exchange scheduled to launch in a few months.

Monthly dividends for all CORE family tokens will be paid in Bitcoin and NXT beginning February 1, 2016. 1% of the brick and mortar business assets will be sent out to CORE token holders at launch and both the CORE and CORE Media tokens will be entitled to a percentage of any monthly profits generated by the brick and mortar business to be paid out monthly.

For more information on the CORE family of tokens, please visit CORE Media website and join us on Slack.


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