Makes It Easier Than Ever Before to Convert M4A to MP3 Files

Highly respected audio file conversion software company releases free software to convert m4a music files to the more widely recognized mp3 file format.

There’s something special about mp3s. That’s why they’ve completely changed the way audio is consumed. Rather than juggling unwieldy records and countless fragile CDs, an entire music collection can fit in the pocket. Thousands of mp3 playing devices and millions of mp3 files are sold every year, dwarfing the size of the traditional music media market.

One music software creator that has been getting great reviews lately is Their free software packages are well known for making it incredibly easy for visitors to convert audio files between different formats, and they have recently come into further prominence as a result of their revolutionary new m4a to mp3 convertor.

The software is extremely easy to install. It is compatible with any version of the Microsoft Windows operating system. Converting m4a to mp3 files is simple thanks to the extremely intuitive user interface. Even a complete technological novice will be able to use the software with ease. The software is also completely free.

The most important factor in the conversion process is the quality of the converted files, and this is an aspect where the software excels. The resultant files retain the exact same quality as the originals, ensuring maximum audio fidelity. This will be a relief for users who have experienced quality problems using expensive paid software applications.

A spokesperson for the software house said: “M4a files are pretty widespread online. That’s because a lot of the most popular online music stores sell them, including iTunes. In most cases m4a files can be played just as easily as mp3s, but some popular devices are incapable of recognizing them. This can be incredibly frustrating for users. In the past converting audio file formats was seen as a complex process, but we have radically simplified it. With the tool on our site anyone has the power to quickly and easily convert m4a to mp3 at the click of a button. It is available for anyone to download free now.”

About is a software maker that creates various tools for audio file format conversion. They have made are freely downloadable tools for all of the most popular audio file formats, including FLAC, mp3, m4a, and WMA.

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