Convert Audio Free Releases MP4 Converter To Switch All Video Files To MP4

MP4 is a superior file type created by Apple and used for playback on all their devices, making the new MP4 converter from Convert Audio Free an invaluable asset to iPad, iPod and iPhone owners.

MP4 is a digital encoding package that stores audio and visual information in tandem to be played back as video files, pioneered by Apple technologies and used as the default medium on all Apple and Mac products. The format is preferred by industry experts for its quality and fidelity relative to file size, and many Apple users want to be able to convert their existing video library into MP4 to view on their Apple devices. Convert Audio Free has met this need with a Free MP4 Converter that will translate files of any format into MP4 for easy viewing.

The software can be downloaded directly from Convert Audio Free website and is an easy to use, intuitive tool requiring only a few clicks to select a file, convert it and publish it as an MP4. The new file will then sit side by side with the original so individuals can transfer it to their portable devices or view it in QuickTime.

The MP4 Converter is one of a broad suite of software created by Convert Audio Free for the video industry as it broadens its horizons. It is part of a wider move to expand the free services they offer. Apple users are some of the most ardent evangelists of popular tech, and so the move should boost their traffic significantly.

A spokesperson for Convert Audio Free explained, “Microsoft has halved in value since their current CEO took over while Apple’s market share has exploded in the last ten years- they are now defining what the default media of the new generation will be and their MP4 format is considered superior among experts as well as the only universally compatible format for Apple devices. Our MP4 converter will convert video files from any other format into MP4 allowing them to be played back on iPhones, iPods and iPads, making our users media truly compatible and portable for the first time.”

About Convert Audio Free:
Convert Audio Free came to prominence thanks to their range of software tools that allow consumers to convert audio from one file to type to another. Their success in audio conversion has been followed by even greater success with their video conversion tools

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