Convert Audio Free Releases MOV to AVI Converter For Video

Convert Audio Free have moved into the movie conversion business and now offer a MOV to AVI converter to make Apple format videos universal.

The MOV format, otherwise known as QuickTime format, is a type of media packet that contains both audio and visual information across different bands in order to play them back as a movie. The language used to encode these bands cannot be read without a codec, which unlike more popular formats does not come as a default with most in-built software on Windows PCs, Android phones or other portable devices like tablets. As a result, people often find themselves having problems when trying to view MOV files on non-Apple devices. Convert Audio Free has launched a MOV to AVI converter to solve that problem.

AVI is a codec that has existed since the start of the digital video revolution, and remains popular today due to its universality- that is, it is a codec that is readable by almost all digital devices. Converting MOV to AVI allows individuals to watch their videos in more ways than ever before.

In order to convert MOV to AVI, individuals need only download the free to use converter from the Convert Audio Free website, the software is downloaded in seconds and installed in minutes, allowing it to be used on an unlimited number of video files, preserving their definition and quality.

A spokesperson for Convert Audio Free explained, “QuickTime movies have been especially popular with film trailers, but have been used increasingly by developers who wish to create high fidelity files in high definition while saving space. The downside to these MOV files is that for a long time they only opened in QuickTime, and even now are not universal in their compatibility, especially with portable devices that can carry a limited amount of software and codec capability. This converter allows MOV files to be turned into AVI files so they will play on almost any device, freeing up users to watch their content however they want to.”

About Convert Audio Free:
Convert Audio Free is a firm specializing in development of powerful, easy to use and professional audio conversion tools. The Audio Converters help in conversion of a multitude of audio file formats and extensions to desired formats. Convert Audio Free is now using this expertise to launch a series of video conversion tools that are again free to the public.

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