Convert Audio Free Launches Ogg To MP3 Converter To Economize Music Collections

Convert Audio Free has launched an Ogg to MP3 Converter that will allow music in the niche format to be played across all platforms.

Audio files are something that everyone now has a collection of. Oftentimes, people have been collecting audio files like music for years, and because of that these files vary in file format due to the trends of the time, with many of these formats may now be defunct. Many audio libraries are clogged with unusable formats, and for many .Ogg files present this kind of challenge. Convert Audio Free has launched a new Ogg to MP3 converter that will allow individuals to unlock these files and enjoy their music collection once again on modern devices.

While many devices including iPhones and other apple technologies, other popular smartphones and music players will play MP3, the number that will play .ogg files is decreasing by the day. In order to ensure music collections can continue to be enjoyed, Convert Audio Free has created a way to convert Ogg to MP3.

The software is freely available to all and has no limitations on its use. After downloading and installing it in minutes, the lightweight software can convert entire libraries of audio files in a single sitting- just leave it running in the background and carry on with the tasks of the day.

A spokesperson for Convert Audio Free explained, “For a short time Ogg files were a genuine alternative to MP3 and were even the standard file format on Sony Walkman devices during the early days of MP3 players. While it does have its advantages, it falls down in both size and universality, where MP3 wins hands down. As a result, people often wish to convert old Ogg files to MP3, and we provide a free and easy way to do that with our new converter. It’s part of our ongoing mission to ensure every file format can be converted at the user’s whim.”

About Convert Audio Free:
Convert Audio Free has developed a suite of powerful, professional and intuitive audio conversion tools popular with users around the world. With two years of experience in the audio filed, they have now innovated a new collection of conversion tools in response to the popularity of portable video. Convert Audio Free applications are recommended by authorities like CNET and users alike.

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