Convert Audio Free Launch FLV to AVI Converter To Make Online Videos Playable Offline

Convert Audio an FLV to AVI converter, enabling users to convert online videos to offline playable formats for maximum convenience.

The online revolution has made media available to the world in previously unprecedented ways. The advent of new technologies means that there are more content creators in visual media than ever before, and many of these are finding their first exposure in online video using sites like YouTube and Vimeo. These sites use Flash to power their video delivery systems, which require videos to be in FLV format. Though in many cases videos can be downloaded easily from these sites, FLV files still can’t be played on most devices without installing additional software. Convert Audio Free has created an FLV to AVI converter that solves this problem.

Converting FLV to AVI enables individuals to play their downloaded videos in a universal format supported by almost all devices. The free download is available from the website and comes from developers who have previously specialised in converting audio files to and from high quality specialist formats.

The new download allows users to install the software in just a couple of clicks and immediately begin converting video files from flash to AVI format. The processing time depends on the size of the video, but there are no limits on file size meaning that individuals can potentially convert feature length movies, preserving the original definition.

A spokesperson for Convert Audio Free explains, “FLV files are used by all the major online outlets including Vimeo and YouTube and these now come with download options in some cases. When people download these files they are still not playable on all devices, especially Apple devices which do not support flash. This free FLV to AVI converter allows users to turn online video into a universally playable format on laptops, PCs, Macs and mobile devices. This opens up new media to offline play in a way that hasn’t been possible for many people before now. This free download removes what few limits there are left on online media.”

About Convert Audio Free:
Convert Audio Free is a company specializing in development of powerful, easy to use and professional conversion tools. The Audio Converters help in conversion of a multitude of audio file formats and extensions to desired formats. The applications have received excellent ratings and reviews from the sites and its users. They have now produced highly rated video converters to add to their audio convertor product range.

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