Launches New Currency Convertor Facility

A new currency converter facility has been launched by, giving consumers greater choice when it comes to currency conversions.

A Spanish based company,, has recently launched a new currency convertor facility. The new currency converter service means that consumers and businesses will now be able to benefit from even greater choice when carrying out currency conversions, as they will have a greater number of facilities to select from.

The Spanish currency converter will enable users to convert from and to a wide range of different currencies, including the most popular ones such as euros, US dollars, Australian dollars, GBP, and other commonly used currencies. The feature has been designed in a way that makes it fast and simple to use, so those looking to convert their currencies can do so with speed and ease.

In addition to allowing users to select which currency they want to convert to and from, there is also a number of popular currency pairs already provided, so users simply click on the most appropriate link in order to avoid having to go through the lists and find the currencies that they require. The pre-paired currencies that can be clicked on include Euro to dollar, dollar to Euro, pound to Euro and Pound to dollar amongst others. Clicking on these will automatically take users to the relevant conversion page where they can simply enter the relevant amounts that need to be converted.

An official from the new currency conversion service said: "Our currency convertor is very fast, simple, and convenient to use. We have tried to make it even faster and easier by providing access to pre-paired currencies for greater speed and convenience. However users can select their own currencies too, so there is plenty of choice with regards to how they perform their currency conversions. Our new service will provide greater choice for Spanish consumers and businesses looking to convert world currencies for personal or business use."

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