Continuing Education Marketing Must Change To Survive, Reports Marketing Services Provider

“The Future of Continuing Education Marketing” white paper by integrated marketing services provider Genoo aims to help continuing education programs find sustainable marketing success.

Genoo, LLC, a leading online marketing service provider for small- and mid-size businesses, has published “The Future of Continuing Education Marketing” white paper with the goal of helping continuing education programs survive the changes coming in the years ahead.

“While working with continuing education programs, it’s been clear what kind of pressures are working against the programs,” says Kim Albee, President of Genoo. “Because of the current economic climate, continuing education programs face a lack of support and funding from administrations and the government. It is more important than ever that these programs find ways to be self-sufficient with marketing.”

According to the LERN Institute, the international association of lifelong learning programming, businesses are undervaluing the need for workforce development. Businesses are less committed to educating their workers by investing in professional development and contract training services. Additionally, central administrators don’t understand the financial realities facing continuing education programs.

To deal with these threats, continuing education programs need improved methods to market courses and programs in order to improve recruitment, and retention, of students. The varying professional development, personal enrichment, and contract training courses need to be marketed to consumers and businesses in different ways.

That’s why Genoo has offered marketing expertise and experience in helping continuing education organizations complete their marketing goals together in its latest white paper “The Future of Continuing Education Marketing.” The white paper describes the four components of successful continuing education marketing programs. These components are:
- Agility
- Adaptability
- Moving Fast
- Efficiency
Albee summarizes the combination of the four components in this way.

“If I had to describe what marketing success for continuing education programs looks like in the future, I would say it’s marketing that can change on a dime in reaction to real-time metrics,” says Albee. “Making decisions based on the real impact previous marketing programs have had immensely improves an organization’s marketing efficacy.”

“I love working with continuing education programs,” says Albee. “They provide an extremely worthwhile service, and it’s crucial that they have the support they need to attain self-sufficiency in order to stick around well into the future.”

Continuing education marketers interested in this topic can download “The Future of Continuing Education Marketing” here to learn more about the four components of effective continuing education marketing.

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