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Infographics grab attention faster than long articles or essays say statistics.

The average adult attention span is said to be 2.8 seconds or roughly translated to 140 characters. This could be a typical text or a the amount of time it takes to read a headline. Delivering information quickly has become the driving force for many modern day publishers of websites and business owners as they put their sites online says Lee Davidson of, a re-seller of infografics.

Davidson explains, "Infographics are one of the most popular ways of getting a detailed message across to an audience. Perhaps you've conducted some really fascinating research you want to share on your website or conducted a study you want to share the results of. With the attention span of people these days, they're just not likely to read all that information. However, if you present it in an easy to understand format like an infographic, they're willing to look at it and take in your information."

Infografics are a popular format for presenting information used in articles, blogs and websites along with those interested in gaining ground in SEO campaigns, says Davidson. "Many people think the value is all in the words that the search engines pick up, and while that's certainly a part of it, but infographics benefit an SEO campaign because good ones are shared with others, building up your link portfolio. Additionally, as we all know, web surfers are an impatient lot. When pages take too long to load, they surf away. Load times are taken into consideration by Google powers that be. Infographics cut right to the chase and are quick to load, not to mention are eye-appealing when they're well-designed."

The key, says Davidson, to a successful infographic, is it has to have quality content, images, and design. Davidson explains, "Each design should be unique and carefully crafted to visually tell the story, look superb and deliver results for your business. The key is that it needs to be of good quality. A company can't think they can just put together any image with a few vague statistics and it will go viral. No, it takes a lot more than that to create a quality infographic that is worth sharing, much less re-selling it to others."

Davidson urges companies to spend the extra money and go with a quality design firm to create their designs instead of trying to use templates to do it themselves. "Go for the quality!" Davidson advises. "Unlike many other “low-cost” infographic design companies, use real designers who are not just utilizing some type of automated infographic generation software. Every infographic should be crafted by hand. Forget trying to source a designer, hire a researcher, and waste your money testing out unreliable contractors. Come straight to a professional and get a high-quality infographic the first time and every time."

Content Prosper devises, researches and produces completely original and high-quality infographics at affordable prices for the re-selling market. is 100% white-label, which means they work with businesses completely confidentially so that clients experience a holistic service from one service provider.

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