Contact Lens Market Share 2019, Size, Growth Trends, Segments, Top Companies, Materials, Design, Regional Outlook, Demand & Global Industry Forecast to 2025

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Orbis Research Present’s “Contact Lens Market, Global Forecast 2025 by Segments (Corrective Lens, Cosmetic and Lifestyle oriented Lens, Others), Materials, Design, Companies” magnify the decision making potentiality and helps to create an effective counter strategies to gain competitive advantage.

Contact lens is one of the essential treatments for the number of visual deficiencies like myopia, hypermetropia, presbyopia and various other refractive problems. The major factors that fuel the market growth are; rising per capita income, increasing disposable income, increasing awareness about eye care treatment, growing ageing population, technological advancement, increasing research and development in the field of eye care, positive government initiatives, etc. Moreover, growing cases of the visual problem across the world will further propel the global contact lens market. Global contact lens market is expected to surpass US$ 12 Billion by the year-end of 2025.

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Contact Lens Market – By Design
• Spherical Contact Lens
• Toric Contact Lens
• Multifocal Contact Lens
• Others

Cosmetic contact lens plays a significant role in driving the market, although it is related to appearance or aesthetic only. Contact lens comes up with different variety like daily, weekly, monthly and yearly disposable basis. Contact lens is made up of various materials like Silicone Hydrogel, Methacrylate Hydrogel and many others, but Silicone Hydrogel is most selling contact lens across the world. Improved design of contact lens and an increasing number of product launch will further boost the global contact lens market.

A new report compiled by Renub Research titled “Contact Lens Market, Global Forecast by Segments (Corrective Lens, Cosmetic & Lifestyle oriented Lens, Others) Materials (Silicone hydrogel Soft Contact Lens, Methacrylate hydrogel Soft Contact Lens, Gas-Permeable Contact Lens, Others) Design (Multifocal, Spherical, Toric, Others ) Region (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacifics, Rest of the World) Companies (Alcon Laboratories, Inc., Valeant Pharmaceutical International Inc., Cooper Vision and Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc.)” studies the Global Contact Lens.

Segment Insights – Cosmetic Lens is the Fastest Growing Segment

In this report, the contact lens market is fragmented into three parts; Corrective Lens, Cosmetic and Lifestyle Oriented Lenses and Others. Corrective lenses are used for visual inaccuracies, whereas cosmetic lens are used for appearance and aesthetic only. In this report, the segment is studied under various perspectives to identify the future trend that will drive the global contact lens market.

Material Insights - Silicone Hydrogel Soft Contacts Lens is one of the most Selling Product across the World

Here the market is categorized by materials into 4 parts; Silicone Hydrogel Soft Contact, Methacrylate Hydrogel Soft Contacts, Gas- Permeable Contact Lenses and Others. In this report, we have done a multi-factor analysis of each material to identify the competitive landscape, historical trend, future prospects, and growth and restraint factors.

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Design Insights – Toric Design is one of the Most Expensive Products of Contact Lens

Contact lens to come up with numerous design, here we try to showcase the market based on the design of contact lens into 4 parts; Multifocal, Toric, Spherical and Others. Spherical is one of the most selling design of contact lens, whereas toric is one of the most expensive contact lens design.
Regional Insights – North America Captured Significant Market Share of Global Contact Lens

In this segment, the contact lens market is divided into four regions; North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Rest of the World (ROW). North America is one of the most significant regions for contact lens market.

All the 4 Companies Studied in the Report have been Studied from 4 Points

• Company Overview
• Business Strategy
• Mergers & Acquisition
• Financial Insight

Key players Insight

All these companies are doing various Research & Development work in the field of eye care to improve the quality and design of the contact lens. In this report, the most important key players of contact lens are

• Alcon Laboratories
• Cooper Vision
• Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc.
• Johnson & Johnson Services Inc.

Contact Lens Market & Volume – By Region

• North America
• Europe
• Asia-Pacific
• Rest of the World (ROW)
Contact Lens Market – By Segment

• Corrective Lens
• Cosmetic & LifeStyle Oriented Lens
• Others

Contact Lens Market – By Materials

• Silicone Hydrogel Soft Contact Lens
• Methacrylate Hydrogel Soft Contact Lens
• Gas-Permeable Rigid Contact Lens
• Others

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Research & Methodology
3. Executive Summary
4. Global Contact Lens Market & Volume Analysis

4.1 Global Contact Lens Market
4.2 Global Contact Lens Volume

5. Market Share – Global Contact Lens (2015 – 2025)

5.1 Segments
5.2 Material
5.3 Design
5.4 Region

6. Volume Share – Regions Contact Lens (2015 – 2025)

7. Region – Global Contact Lens Market (2015 – 2025)

7.1 North America
7.2 Europe
7.3 Asia-Pacifics
7.4 Rest of the World (ROW)

8. Region (Volume) – Global Contact Lens Market (2015 – 2025)

8.1 North America
8.2 Europe
8.3 Asia-Pacific
8.4 Rest of the World (ROW)

9. Segments – Global Contact Lens Market (2015 – 2025)

9.1 Corrective Lens
9.2 Cosmetic & LifeStyle Oriented Lens
9.3 Others

10. Materials – Global Contact Lens Market (2015 – 2025)

10.1 Silicone Hydrogel Soft Contact Lens
10.2 Methacrylate Hydrogel Soft Contact Lens
10.3 Gas- Permeable Rigid Contact Lens
10.4 Others

11. Design – Global Contact Lens Market (2015 – 2025)

11.1 Spherical
11.2 Toric Contact Lens
11.3 Multifocal Contact Lens
11.4 Others

12. Alcon Laboratories, Inc. – Company Analysis

12.1 Company Overview
12.2 Mergers/ Acquisitions
12.3 Strategy
12.4 Company Sales

13. Cooper Vision, Inc.- Company Analysis

13.1 Company Overview
13.2 Merger/Acquisitions
13.3 Strategy
13.4 Company Sal


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