Consumers Tricked Into Buying Toner Up to 30% More Often Than Necessary

According to Duane Siebert, CEO of, printer, fax, and copier manufacturers fool consumers into replacing toner cartridges when as much as 30% of the toner is still in the cartridge.

Duane Siebert, CEO of is claiming that by using high-tech “tricks” printer, copier and fax manufacturers fool consumers into replacing toner cartridges when up to 30% of the toner is still in the cartridge.

“People would be mad if somehow they were only allowed to use three-quarters of a $3 buck bag of flour… They should be LIVID (and usually are) when they learn they are being gypped out of the use of 10 – 30% of their $100+ toner cartridge!” warns Duane Siebert, CEO of

He loves saving his customers up to 90% by exposing two secrets the manufacturers have successfully kept quiet – until now.

“When I started my toner biz nearly 30 years ago, my simple goal was to produce cartridges that worked as well as the name-brand originals at half the cost, or less,” says Siebert. “I nailed that goal. But, when manufacturers started using high-tech tricks to force unsuspecting consumers to prematurely throw out their cartridges and buy toner before they needed it, my goal turned into a ‘That ‘BS’ Must Stop!’ mission to blow the lid off the secrets I’d uncovered working ‘inside’ the industry.

Manufacturers use IC chips or other limiting devices to estimate toner usage (based primarily on the number of pages printed), stopping the printer from printing after a pre-determined number of pages thereby robbing them of the use of the remaining toner they paid for. “In our experience, 10% to 30% of the toner remains but can’t be used because their technology falsely reports the cartridge is empty!” explains Siebert.

Manufacturer claims that empty toner cartridges can’t be refilled are completely false. “My 27 years of hands-on, real-world experience prove that cartridges can be refilled up to 4 times for an average savings of 70%,” says Siebert. “When your car runs out of gas, you can quickly and easily refill it. The same is true for toner cartridges – as long as you use exact-match toner and idiot-proof instructions, like mine!”

When asked, “Does this work?” Siebert’s answer is “Hell Yes! We have more than 500 5-star reviews on Even Nordstrom’s with their legendary customer service doesn’t offer a no time-limit, no fine-print guarantee and an average 70% savings. The OEMs have nothing on us and our 265,000+ customers around the world know it!” sells ReChargX™ premium printer toner refill kits that contain custom-formulate toner which meets or exceeds OEM specifications for more than 300 brands and 11,500 models of printers, fax machines, and copiers including Brother, Canon, Dell, HP, Lexmark, and Samsung. For customers who prefer ready-to-print compatible toner cartridges, also offers those at an average 50% savings with the same “no time limit, no fine print” guarantee.

Businesses and individuals can find out if their cartridges are refillable and receive the instructions to refill the cartridges by visiting

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