Consumer Essentials is Empowering Consumers & Changing the Shopping Sphere

Say hello to the future of online shopping - empowering consumers to make smarter choices when trying to find the best product for any given category this is

ConsumerEssentials, the revolutionary product recommendation engine that allows consumers to compare the best products in any category through one simple search, launched today.

The platform allows consumers to efficiently and effectively search for the best products at the lowest prices, through the utilisation of big data and their in-house algorithm, their tagline is “One Search. 10 Products. One Purchase” which clearly defines their approach to online shopping.

You may be wondering how ConsumerEssentials are able to provide, almost instant results with the best products within a category. Well, they utilise data from across the web, including:

• Verified Consumer Reviews
• Product Popularity
• Expert Reviews
• Brand Influence
• Social Influence

With this data they are able to calculate and analyse patterns and correlations and use this to produce a unique product score for each product, which are then used to provide consumers with the top 10 product recommendations in any given category.

From a consumer perspective it is fantastic, a very simple to use, yet highly intuitive platform which empowers the consumer to make smarter purchasing decisions based on real, valid data.

“Consumer Essentials has been developed to help empower consumers, helping them to make better choices and creating a more efficient and effective shopping experience,” said Will Blears, Founder of Consumer Essentials.“In today's online shopping environment, consumers have access to an endless amount of information from user reviews to expert reviews to video reviews on Youtube. The difficult part is sifting through all of this information and figuring out which information is trustworthy and unbiased. Not only is it incredibly time consuming but it's also very tiring, often leading consumers down the wrong path or simply confusing them to the point where they make a haste decision. Our platform allows consumers to very easily find the best products available based on all the data that they no longer have to sift through.”

“The future of Consumer Essentials is very exciting indeed, we've barely scratched the surface in regards to what we want to achieve. The next phase of our platform will add some incredibly intuitive features which we hope will relieve shoppers of many of the stresses that come from shopping online.”

Contact Info:
Name: Will Blears
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Organization: Consumer Essentials Limited
Address: 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, UK, WC2H 9JQ

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