Consulting Firm Helping DIP Devices Scale For Acquisitions

Florida-based consulting firm, AKB Advisors, is helping DIP Devices scale their business in preparation for a future acquisition.

AKB Advisors, a subset of AKB Capital, is working with DIP Devices to expand and develop the business ready for acquisition. DIP Devices, a leading producer and retailer of vaporizers and accessories headquartered in Denver, turned to AKB Advisors to capitalize on the company’s experience of guiding and advising both pre and post-acquisition direct to consumer firms.

With one eye on a future exit, DIP Devices wanted to focus on expanding the business and promoting the brand. Specializing in holistic services, which incorporate every aspect of company development and brand promotion, AKB Advisors was an obvious choice. While many businesses and agencies are willing to take on individual segments and services, such as branding, marketing and operations, AKB Advisors provides a comprehensive package, focusing on optimizing overall function, increasing efficiency, driving sales and raising brand awareness. The unique approach, combined with extensive experience in developing DTC firms, and clear ambition to drive the business forward, set AKB Advisors apart.

The team at DIP Devices was searching for a company that would facilitate growth at the same time as being flexible enough to cater for changes in management. As DIP Devices is looking for an external investor and was against hiring an internal team, it made perfect sense to choose AKB Advisors, a reputable firm with experience in joining forces with direct to consumer companies. With in-depth knowledge of how to grow DTC companies, AKB Advisors is capable of implementing, overseeing and executing a top-level strategy.

The new relationship between AKB Advisors and DIP Devices will enable DIP Devices to expand the client base and boost revenues while working towards a future exit. The teams at both AKB Advisors and DIP Devices are excited about the new development and look forward to working together to scale the business and prepare for the future.

About AKB Advisors
AKB Advisors is a subset of AKB Capital. Based in Pompano Beach, FL, this boutique consulting firm specializes in providing branding, marketing, sales and operations services to direct to consumer companies across a diverse range of sectors. Working with DIP Devices, AKB Advisors is striving to deliver a strategy to drive profits and promote growth as the business prepares for future acquisition.

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