Construction Professionals HUB Now Allows Users To Search For Contractors Through A Map

Construction Professionals HUB is a major listings website for contractors of all kinds, and now allows people to find the contractor they need by finding the nearest providers on a map.

One of the first industries to shut down in a recession is construction, but it is also one of the first to start up when the economy starts to move again. Construction is beginning again throughout the UK, creating new demand for contractors and construction professionals. Construction Professionals HUB is a website that offers a specialist directory for contractors of all kinds, and has been expanding rapidly since its launch. To help people more quickly identify suitable contractors the site has now added a map search option, which allows individuals to find contractors by their location.

Using a visual interface to identify construction project management companies, for instance, means that people can more quickly identify potential candidates from amid the pack and allows for an instant shortlist to organically be created in the mind of the user. From here, finding the appropriate help is easier than ever.

The database contains a huge volume of contractors in all professions, from building surveyors ( to architectural drawing services, meaning consultancies and firms can find anyone they might need to fill gaps for a given project. The site is therefore a great resource for contractors to gain exposure and generate leads.

A spokesperson for Construction Professionals HUB explained, “The new map application is a cleaner, simpler way of identifying candidates by their geography. A company may be outstanding at what they do, but if they’re based in Edinburgh and the job is in London, this can only lead to disappointment for both parties and frustration with the experience we provide. So we have addressed this issue by making location data an integral part of the experience, with basic information linking through to the comprehensive contractor profile. This delivers a streamlined, narrowing search experience that can take people from first enquiry to contract in minutes.”

About Construction Professionals HUB:
The Hub has been designed to allow main contractors, developers, property managers, property owners, facilities management teams, specialist contractors and even other construction professionals such as architectural and consultancy practices, to quickly and simply locate construction design, procurement and management team members to supplement their existing resources or to provide specialist advice and expertise.

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