Conqueror Technology Offers A New Highly Advanced Battery Charger

The new 12V Lead Acid and Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery High Speed Digital Charger offered by Conqueror Technology is considered one of the most advanced chargers in the market.

Conqueror Technology has developed a new technology for battery chargers and their current digital charger is now available to charge 12-Volt VRLA, AGM, deep cycle, flooded lead acid, and lithium iron phosphate batteries. The importance of this new battery charger is that it significantly reduces the amount of problems caused by other battery chargers. It works to extend the life of batteries to save costs of new battery purchases and charges quickly so batteries can be restored for usage in a short span of time.

The 12V Lead Acid & Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery High Speed Digital Charger makes use of the full battery capacity in a way that traditional chargers are unable to do which means that the battery is charged to a maximum allowed capacity for optimum performance. Because the charger has a fast pulsing charging system, it does not increase the battery temperature during the charging process. This is just one way that this new high speed digital charger extends the life of the battery. The charger, because of the fast pulsing technology, is able to recover batteries that are deeply sulphated, and thus it extends the batteries life span and enhances their operational value.

The new battery charger from Conqueror Technology is controlled by a fully automatic microprocessor, making it one of the advanced yet easiest to use charger available in the market. To charge a battery is as simple as plug in the charger, connect the charger clamps to the battery terminals and select the appropriate battery type. The charger will automatically turns to a specially designed maintenance mode to keep the battery at its optimum full charged level after the battery is fully charged. A proprietary algorithm is programmed into the charger to determine the optimized full charged level for each battery type so it knows when to switch into maintenance mode.

About Conqueror Technology
Since 2011 Conqueror Technology has been involved in intense research to deliver the advanced technology that is needed to charge all types of lead acid battery, lithium polymer and lithium iron phosphate battery. Their fast pulse charging technology is developed to reduce problems typically caused by conventional chargers. Conqueror Technology serves all markets including UPS, telecommunication, transportation, utility, and marine.

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